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Rechargeable Travel Power Chager Portable Power Battey Charger Power Packs

Rechargeable Travel Power Chager Portable Power Battey Charger Power Packs
  • Rechargeable Travel Power Chager Portable Power Battey Charger Power Packs
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Minimum order: 3
Other info: 20KG White
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1) .Stable current supply due to the intelligent IC microchip control

2) .high efficiency power-saving characteristic since high rate of energy conversion

3) .strong compatibility due to the smart identification which can identify the current value of digital products and the guarantee to stable output current.

4) .long working life due to the high quality li-polymer battery

5) .no side effects since it works under stable current and various safety protection

6) .fashionable design can attract most consumers.

7) .with small volume and light weight, its convenient to carry wherever you go.

Advantages of our portable and high security mobil power

1. Li-ion polymer cell abandon the possibility of exploding

2. Short-circuit protection

3. Over-current protection

4. Over-charging protection

5. Over-discharging protection

Fully charge and discharge time:

A. When using AC-DC adapter (5V/ 1AUSB output) to connect to power outlet, time needed is 4~5 hours;

B. When abandon using AC-DC adapter and just connecting PS-4800 to computer USB output with USB cable, time needed is 9~10 hours.

Accessories option:

1. Mini AC-DC adapter-can charge PS-4800 through power socket;

2. USB cable (for both charging and discharging) -can charge PS-4800throughcomputer USB port;

3. Output tips:

Micro USB tip

Mini USB tip

Tip for Apple iPhone4/ S, iPad

Tip for Samsung Galaxy Tab series & Galaxy Note series

Tip for Nokia cell phone series

Tip for Sony Ericsson cell phone series

Tips for other devices like PSP and GPS

Packing option

1. Common safe packing: sponge + anti-static bag + brown box

2. Powerseed retailing packing: hard plastic box + color card + sponge

3. Customized packing type

Fits For:

Mobile Phone (standard accessory are five kinds of phone connector adapter: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony-Ericssion.) Digital Camera, PDAMp3, Mp4 (The battery capacity under 1200mAH)

Quality: 12 months warranty; CE, RoHS, FCC certifified

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