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RFID Card Smart Intelligent Sauna Door Lock OEM Security Sauna Lock

RFID Card Smart Intelligent Sauna Door Lock OEM Security Sauna Lock
  • RFID Card Smart Intelligent Sauna Door Lock OEM Security Sauna Lock
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Strong electronical interference sauna door lock

Technical Parameters

Card type


Power type

four 1.5v alkaline batteries (with external power supply)

Static power consumption

( 8UA

Power consumption

( 150MA

Battery life

more than 15 months.

Low-voltage directives


Operating temperature



) 15000V, the information will not be lost under.

The strong electrical interference and it can work steadily.

performance characteristics

1. Cast steel, as an organic whole construction, can plate out all sorts of colors.beautiful, solid and durable in use.

2. Full-automatic switch-box, without rotating handle, convenient, simple.

3. The strong electrical interferenceand it can work steadily.

4. Can use battery to supply power, with a low voltage alarm function

5. With functions of single card and dual card unpack.

6. With a backup unlocking function, can open the doorin emergency.

7. When hindered , lock tongue will automatically return and it has hindered indication . Lock tongue has the anti insert function.

8. Acousto-optic indicative operation

our sauna door lock circuit board

Functions andAdvantagesfor popular sauna locks :

1. The lock can be opened by ID card.

2. It is applicable to the chests and cabinets in places like enterprises, institutions, schools, gymnasium, public bathhouses.

sauna bath centers as to make management more convenient and intellectual.

3. If the lock loss power, the lock can gain the power by standby battery from outside easily.

Watchband key

Characters of the wristband key card

1. waterproof, anti-variant; sealing strong
2. Several options of data rate and coding available
3. On chip resonance capacitor
4. On chip supply buffer capacitor
5. On chip voltage limiter
6. Full wave rectifier on chip
7. Large modulation depth due to a low impedance
8. Operating frequency 100 - 150 KHZ
9. Very small chip size convenient for implantation
10. Very low power consumption

electronical sauna lock accessories

Sauna lock for cabinets

Using field

Swimming pool, saunabathing spot, golf course, gymnasium locker, enterprise, school, hotel, supermarket storage cabinet, etc

More series of our sauna door lock

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