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Access Control Code Door Lock, Password Electronic Door Lock, Proximity Keypad Door Lock

Access Control Code Door Lock, Password Electronic Door Lock, Proximity Keypad Door Lock
  • Access Control Code Door Lock, Password Electronic Door Lock, Proximity Keypad Door Lock
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1. Brushed stainless steel surface, corrosion-resistant, non-fading

2. Double steel locking surface, impact resistance, anti-sabotage

3. Standard lock, versatile and reliable

4. There are two design options, free moving and static grip handle available to customers

5. Buttons made of stainless steel material, Surface fonts adopts laser engraving, good wear resistance, never rust and non-fading

6. Password management at different levels, with different privileges

7. Has a normally open function to facilitate the use of conference rooms and other places

Technical parameters

Password update mode

Automatic coverage technology

Template storage

automatic template storage when changing battery

Password capacity


Static power consumption


Working voltage


Dynamic Power consumption

200 ~220 mA with 0.3s

Working Humidity


Lock thickness


Door Thickness



4 AA Alkaline battery

Operating Temperature


Front lock size (L*W*H)


Under-voltage indicator


Siza chart

Functions of CET-9004 Password Door Lock

1. With locking function to restrict ordinary unlock password

2. With low power alarm function, timely to remind the user to replace the battery

3. With independent emergency unlocking mechanical key

4. Has an external emergency power

5. Suitable for offices, apartments, houses and other places usage


Requirements for installation

1. Doors or Composite doors, door thickness: 42-65mm

2. If the door with lace, then the distance between door and door lace edge must be greater than 110mm

Attentions to be taken

1. When the door installation and debugging is completed, be sure to conduct a initialization operation, clear the password lock and re-set

2. When low voltage alarm occurs, be sure to change the batteries

3. Mechanical key is the last resort to open the door, so remember not to lock it in the door.

4. When the door is open, do not lock, to prevent damage to the lock body

5. Do not hang heavy things on the lock handle

6. Never use organic solvents to clean the lock





Numeric key


Begin working


Change No. 0Advanced Password


Delete 1~9Common passwords


Add 1~9Common passwords


Normally open mode


Lock Initialization

more door open orientations for your choice

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