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Hotel Electric Lock Hotel Lock Wireless Door Lock Rf Card Hotel Door Lock

Hotel Electric Lock Hotel Lock Wireless Door Lock Rf Card Hotel Door Lock
  • Hotel Electric Lock Hotel Lock Wireless Door Lock Rf Card Hotel Door Lock
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1. Designed by Asian and European famous experts.

2. Zinc alloy die-casting forming structure , firm, solid, and durable.

3. The surfacewas used vacuum nanotechnology

4. Has high hardness, good wear resistance and strong coating adhesion.

5. Adopting international standard 5-bolt-core,against, stealing.

6. Alarm to remind the non-normal condition.

7. Suitable card type : ID, TEMIC, MIFARE1, TI,and other cpu card

Hotel Door Lock Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage

DC3.5-6.5v. (4 segments 7 alkaline battery)

Battery Life

Above 18000times in normal


Quiescent Current (20μA

Dynamic Current (1500mA

Temperature Range


Work humidity

15-95 %RH

Card Distance

30 mm

Read Card Time

( 0.1s

Card Type

MIFARE-1 card (13.56MHZ ) /Temic5557 card / EM card

Detective method

Card close to Microwave Measurement, good reliability.

Open records

more than 250pcs

Advantages of the ciyet intelligent locks:

1. Control circuit adapts industrial single chip 16-bit MUC solution, so the system is stable, relia ble and low failure rate

2. Up to now, only this radio frequency card electronic door lock adapts the low-power consumption technology. The static power consumption is about 20Ua, and with 4 common high energy alkaline batteries it can work for one year and a half

3. Using the program of microwave detection, when the card closed to the reader, it will read the card with highly sensitivity and well condition- adaptation

4. With comprehensive trouble- free design, MIFARE-1 Microwave induction card is truly an all prupose card with closed to microwave detection

5.Card reading time ( 0.1s, and convenient to use.

JinBeiEr electrical door lock profile

JinBeiEr hotel door lock core

our door lock working process show

intergrated with the network

work with intelligent card

the working net show


door opening model

workflow chart

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