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Wireless And Electric Panel Door Lock, Hotel Security Door Lock

Wireless And Electric Panel Door Lock, Hotel Security Door Lock
  • Wireless And Electric Panel Door Lock, Hotel Security Door Lock
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1 Designed by asian and European famous experts.

2 Zinc alloy die-casting forming structure .firm, solid, and durable.

3 The surfacewas used vacuum nanotechnology

4 Has high hardness, good wear resistance and strong coating adhesion.

5 Adopting international standard 5-bolt-core,against, stealing.

6 Alarm to remind the non-normal condition.

7 Suitable card type : ID, TEMIC, MIFARE1, TI,and other cpu card

Advantages of the ciyet intelligent locks:

1 Control circuit adapts industrial single chip 16-bit MUC solution, so the system is stable, relia ble and low failure rate

2 Up to now, only this radio frequency card electronic door lock adapts the low-power consumption technology. The static power consumption is about 20Ua, and with 4 common high energy alkaline batteries it can work for one year and a half

3 Using the program of microwave detection, when the card closed to the reader, it will read the card with highly sensitivity and well condition- adaptation

4 With comprehensive trouble- free design, MIFARE-1 Microwave induction card is truly an all prupose card with closed to microwave detection

5 Card reading time ( 0.1s, and convenient to use.

Ciyet performance index :

Working Voltage: DC3.5-6.5v. (4 segments 7 alkaline battery)

Battery Life: Above 18000times in normal

Quiescent Current: (20μA

Dynamic Current : ( 1500mA

Temperature Range (using) : -40-+85°C

Work humidity range: 15-95 %RH

Card Distance: 30 mm

Read Card Time : ( 0.1s

Card Type: MIFARE-1 card (13.56MHZ ) /Temic5557 card / EMcard

Detective method: Card close to Microwave Measurement, good reliability.

Open records: more than 250pcs

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