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Security System Wireless Alarming Function Fingerprint Door Lock With Digital Password

Security System Wireless Alarming Function Fingerprint Door Lock With Digital Password
  • Security System Wireless Alarming Function Fingerprint Door Lock With Digital Password
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4 different ways to open the door


1, Unlock ways: fingerprint, mechanical key, password, cards/ keykob
2, Color: stainless steel color and titanium gold color

Hot selling fingerprint+key+ card + password door lock


4900 Series (Fingerprint + 4 button) +Mifare card (optional)

1. Standard American stainless steel mortise; structure is enhanced internally, better resistance to damage;

2. 4 different ways to open a door: fingerprint, card, password and mechanical key, safe and convenient;

3. Optical fingerprint collection window, high level of resistance to friction, flip top protection, high durability;

4. Multimodules ready for customers to combine for their needs, flexible and convenient;

5. Color: stainless steel color and titanium gold color;

6. Sensor window and battery cover color: black and silvery gray.

structure view

120 fingerprints (10 master fingerprint, 90 user fingerprints, 20 temporary fingerprints, 120 mifare cards, 1 password) .

Fingerprint apartment / office door lock circuit

1. Performance index

Working voltage: 6 volts (4 alkaline batteries ) 4.7V Alarm

Start time: less than 1 second

Fingerprint capacity: 30

Acquisition size: 18.2mm*18.2mm

Check time: according to the number of fingerprint logged

Static power consumption: ( 30 μA

Working condition: ( 300MA

2. System characteristics

Powe-on detection mode: Microwave

Testing five times per second, fingerprint matching time less than 1 second

It is convenient and flexible to set up and cancel the cards


Package for CET-9003 Password Fingerprint Door Lock

more password fingerprint door lock models for your choice

CET-9003 Password Fingerprint Door lock advantages:

1. Keys supported includes: Fingerprint, PIN and mechanical keys.

2. Centralized management: the fingerprints can only be registered or deleted by administrative key owners.

3. Two operation mode: safe mode and general mode.

4. Manual unlocking'status can be set for meetings or events.

5. Stand-alone management.

6. Battery power supply, Low voltage alert.

7. Standard modularized structure for simple installation

Safety & Attention Notice for CET-9003

(1) Please change Administrator Fingerprint and PIN right after installation, to avoid illegal access with default fingerprint or PIN.

(2) Each fingerprint/ PIN is required to be scanned or inputted twice when registering.

(3) When the low voltage indicator is on, please change the batteries.

(4) Keep the lock away from any corrosive matter which may damage the lock surface.

(5) Proper installation is required for the lock's normal working. Please make sure the lock is installed properly and professionally.

Fingerprint door lock functions:

1. Against stealing with alarm function:

When someone tries to break in, it alarms to remind the non-normal condition

2. Against illegal unlocking trial

If illegal or incorrect fingerprint is input continuously for three times, the door lock will alarm and lock the system automatically

3. Locking inside

when locked inside, it is inaccessible to open with fingerprint, password, or even mechanical key from the outside, which ensures good sleeping

4. Low voltage alarm

When unlocked in low voltage condition, the door lock will alarm for battery changing

5. Alternative silent mode

In silent mode, the door lock will turn off voice prompt function automatically to avoid being interrupted (not counting alarm prompt )

6. 90° fingerprint discernment

Its 90° fingerprint discernmentdecreases the difficulty of fingerprint operation

7. OLED screen display

More advanced and energetic screen technology has lower power consumption and wider visible angel than LCD

8. Anti-saw password input

14 numbers can be added spontaneously as messy code before inputting the correct password, it can effectively avoid being peeped

9. Intelligent self-diagnosis function

Real-time self-checking will alarm for repairing once there is trouble with diagnosis

10. Alternative safe mode

In safe mode, both fingerprint and password are needed to unlock the door, which assures safer outside journey


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