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Password Door Locks Code Lock Electronic Keypad Door Lock

Password Door Locks Code Lock Electronic Keypad Door Lock
  • Password Door Locks Code Lock Electronic Keypad Door Lock
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Technical parameter

Working voltage


Static Current


Dynamic Current


User Capacity


Authentication Speed

(1 Second

Authentication Menthods

1 : N





AngleFor Putting Finger


Operating Voltage

4AA Alkaline Batteries

Battery Life

Approx 12 Months

Temperature For Storage

RH (45~85) %QI

Fingerprint Scanning

Twice To Get One Fingerprint Template


1. Unlock ways: password, mechanical key
2. safer and more reliable

3. high level of resistance to friction

4. high durability


Standard American stainless steel mortise; structure is enhanced internally, better resistance to damage;
2. 2 different ways to open a door: password and mechanical key, safe and convenient;
3. Independent cylinder installed at the front, safer and more reliable;
4. Optical fingerprint collection window, high level of resistance to friction, flip top protection, high durability;
5. Multi-modules ready for customers to combine for their needs, flexible and convenient

advantages and technical characteristics of our password door lock

1. This password door lock series is designed with Korea character, light and voice prompt when being operated

2.12 button input keys, with metal contact pieces inside, has long using time

3.1-18 password input, the general user quantity is 10, but can be expanded based on requirement

4. Has the function of emergency door opening with mechanical key and locking inside

5. Has the function of normal open for party and meeting, especially suitable for office, department house room and school.

6. Mechanical key: for emergency use. Once the battery is used up or there is something wrong with the circuit, you can use plastic or magnet to draw up the cover of the lock, put in the key, and twist the key from the direction of the outside handle, then the door will be opened

7. Scope of application: suitable for apartment, office building and family use.

Company profile

Domestic project for 4-5 star hotels


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