Laser Engraving Machine GL960

Laser Engraving Machine GL960

Product description:

GL-960 (960T) Laser Engraver Machine for Shoes and Leather

Function Introduction:
Combined computer CAM control with precision machinery, DSP digital control technology and USB data transmission technology, has introduced high level computerized laser engraving machine for rubber engraving used in packaging and printing industry. The machine enjoys the function of sloping control to make the area of small letters and code more durable for long-term use. The printing effect is delicate and precise which can be same as the effect of the traditional Gravure Printing. It is the good replacement for the high cost flexible resin therefore helps to decrease the cost greatly and to enable the packaging and printing company more competitive!

Applicable materials:
Rubber, Plastic, Crystal, Plexiglas acrylics, Bamboo and wood, Marble etc. Of Nonmetal materials.

Applicable industries:
Processing industries of Large-scale engraving and cutting, such as clothing & leather, Packaging & plate making, handicraft, advertisement & decoration, construction & fittings.

Technical parameters:

Model GL-960

Processing area 900X600mm

Laser power 80W

Engraving speed 0~30000mm/ min

Maximum engraving depth 3.5mm

Minimum shaping character/ Chinese character 2X2mm / letter 1X1mm

Resolution ratio 4000 dpi (more than or equal to)

Power supply AC220V 10%, 50Hz

Location precision 0.05mm

Number of hanged line 60 / line

Gross power 1250W

Operating temperature 0-45

Operating humidity (free of condensed water) 5%-95%

Graphic format supported BMP/ GIF/ PEG/ PCX/ TGA/ TIFF/ PLT/ CDR/ DWG/ DXF