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Density meter

Density meter
  • Density meter
  • Density meter
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Elbow - line densitometer -MH5300 intelligent online density meter (Also known as online density transmitter) is a method for continuous on-line measurement of liquid concentration and density of the device can be directly used in industrial processes density meter using advanced technologies, including: a capacitive pressure sensor and therewith connection, the production process of the insertion of a pair of pressure repeaters. In between the two pressure repeaters has a temperature sensor for temperature variation compensation process liquid.

MOHO Meng Hui intelligent online density meter density of two-wire transmitters, mainly used for industrial process control, on-line densitometer generates a corresponding 4-20mA signal depending on the concentration and density, size, calibration and monitoring can be carried out remotely via digital communication.


1, the Online densitometer Suitable for liquid flow or stationary.

Suitable for the installation of pipes and tanks.

2, the use of two-wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts, maintenance is simple.

3, continuous on-line measurement of liquid density and temperature, no process interruption can be directly used in the production process control.

4, two four-digit LCD.

5, the temperature and density of the two parameters can be displayed simultaneously, facilitate industry standard density conversion.

6, there are several different density meter wetted material.

7, easy to install, insert the liquid to display readings.

8, simplify maintenance, no regular cleaning.

9, Online densitometer Calibration without standard reference source, no laboratory calibration, no process interruption.

10, intrinsically safe for use in hazardous site. Hygienic food production can be installed on site.


1, the sugar industry and the wine industry: squeeze the juice, syrup, grape juice, lime juice density, alcohol degree GL, molasses, hexane / ethanol interface and the like;

2, the dairy industry: milk, lactose, cheese, dried cheese, and lactic acid;

3, mining: coal, potash, salt, phosphates, calcium compound, limestone, copper, gold and the like;

4, oil refining: oil, fragrance, oil, vegetable oil and the like;

5, food processing: tomato juice, grape juice, lemon juice, ketchup, molasses, vegetable oil, fruit syrups, jellies, jams, etc;

6, the pulp and paper industry: black pulp, green pulp, pulp washing, evaporators, caustic, etc;

7, Beverage Processing: beer, soft drinks, wine, instant coffee, malt, etc;

7. Chemicals: caustic soda, acid, urea, detergents, polymer density, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and the like;

8, petrochemicals: natural gas, water and gas, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil / water interface.

Technical Parameters

Ø Output: 4-20mA current output, superimposed digital signal (HART protocol)

Ø Accuracy: 0.001g / cm3

Ø Density Range: 0-2g / cm3; 0-3g / cm3

Ø Instrument Power: 16-30VDC power supply is recommended 24VDC

Ø Resolution: 0.001g / cm3

Ø Temperature range: 0-100 ℃

Ø temperature accuracy: 0.5 ℃

Ø Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃

Ø humidity range: 0-90%

Ø Damping adjustment: 0-16 seconds; 0-32 seconds

Installation Instructions

Due to the need of the process. Online densitometer Working conditions are often installed in the more difficult field, in order to minimize the adverse working conditions density meter level, should be installed in a small change in temperature gradient and temperature, shock and vibration-free place, no bubbles only fully consider site specific conditions, in order to play its proper precision index note the following when installing:

1, the product must be installed vertically, perpendicular to the ground of not more than 5 degrees (such as the installation is not vertical, or the local acceleration of gravity deviate from the standard acceleration of gravity, the bias, the latter will show you how to eliminate bias thus produced).

2, side mounting flange straight pipe to ensure smooth loading.

3, open the cover of the electrical box, should reinstall tightened to ensure close contact with the sealing O-ring, if you do not tighten, moisture will enter the electrical box, affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

4, density meter housing must be effectively grounded.

5, the installation location far away from high-power motor drive or take quarantine measures, if necessary, using shielded power cable.

6. After installation, zero empty tube, so that the density values ​​are displayed as 0g / cm³


In case of failure, the following steps may help identify the cause of the problem. At the same time need to be removed to help determine whether to repair it. These data help diagnose and repair basic failures of several major symptoms, each symptom, to deal with the most easy to check conditions, If you can not exclude please contact with our service center.

1. No display

Check the power supply is connected;

Check the circuit if a short circuit;

Positive and negative power supply is reversed.

2. The deviation becomes larger

Check that side of the diaphragm trapped gas, if gas, loosen the bleed valve release the gas.

Check whether the diaphragm side crystal deposits; if there is sediment or crystals washed away by flushing the hole, if not obliterated, removed the ring and then rinse clean, careful not to damage the membrane cleaning.

Check the voltage is normal; if the change is seasonal, the seasonal adjustment.

3. Output is unstable

Check whether the temperature into the work steady;

Whether there is drive around inspection machines or high-power engine, take the necessary quarantine measures;

Whether the fluid velocity fluctuations, to be stable after fluid measurement;

Check piping have strongly vibration;

Check whether the power voltage fluctuations;

Check the damping value is set too small, adjust the damping to increase the stability (hand-operated adjustment damping parameters)