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Hills MT500-PRO 500VA / 300W delay 20 minutes UPS uninterruptible power supply

Hills MT500-PRO 500VA / 300W delay 20 minutes UPS uninterruptible power supply
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: MT500

Product Name: Hills UPS uninterruptible power supply MT500 -pro smart Internet access security regulator for three years
Configuration checklist: Santak MT500-pro host 1 units
Warranty: Hills UPS power Genius, three-year free warranty, battery three-year warranty

MT-Pro Series UPS Yes For high-end network equipment, IT equipment designed for all-round Internet access Type UPS, wide input voltage range, and can provide a variety of installation, monitoring methods.

Product Features:
MT-Pro series of unique shape design, no matter how the user's application environment changes, MT can be changed with the need, so as to effectively protect the customer's investment; Support vertical, horizontal, rack Three installation methods. Separately configured regulated output power socket Is the highlight of this UPS, while special configuration Surge protection socket and Smart card Allowing you to the device's power management more convenient.

Three-year national joint warranty (battery warranty for three years)
Warranty certificate: Machine serial number with the warranty (Note: Please do not arbitrarily tear up the production serial number)
If you are in use during the machine failure, you can contact us directly to arrange your warranty.

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