Reddy Secretary UPS uninterruptible power supply regulator 360W LCD H600 mine Yuasa Battery | single computer 20 minutes

Reddy Secretary UPS uninterruptible power supply regulator 360W LCD H600 mine Yuasa Battery | single computer 20 minutes

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: brand new
  • Brand: Lady Secretary
  • Model: H600

Lady Secretary (LADIS) UPS uninterruptible power supply H600 ultra wide voltage 600VA 360W LCD LCD Yuasa batteries 20 minutes

Brand: Reddy Division model: H600Warranty: the whole three-year warranty or replacement

Judge the quality of a UPS power supply, the key is to look at the life of the battery, Reddy Division of UPS power supply built-in high quality Japan Yuasa YUASA battery, 3-6-year life, the whole three years baohuan, the whole country, factory direct! No UPS power brands can do it!!

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Product features:

· Simple, compact, elegant machine appearance, large-screen LCD liquid crystal display, all operating parameters of a clear

· Ultra wide input range 145-290Vac Strong environmental adaptability, Low voltage use, computer not kai, do not turn off

· Superior microprocessor ensure reliable operation , Full protection of computer

· Automatic adjustment of power boost, step-down, stable voltage output

· Power outages after the batteries ran out, calls can automatically power on, power supply and charging the battery in a timely manner, and ensure stable operation of the next

· Output simulated sine wave

· Shutdown charge function

· Intelligent DC power to meet emergency situations using

· Power tracking capability of excellent generator compatible and

· Complete and reliable battery undervoltage, output short circuit, overload, overvoltage, overtemperature protection

· Automatic charging, extending battery life

· Intelligent battery protection, prevent the battery from deep discharge and damage the battery

This product is now in the new and old alternating stages, warehouse shipped randomly, not guaranteed is the new mind, please take caution. Products after an upgrade has improved the screen, then touch the screen can turn off screen brightness, specific details are as follows:

Scope of application:

Applicable to telecommunications, railway, oil, chemical, education, business, banking and other industries the Office computer, home computer and Office Automation, home multimedia, home audio-visual equipment

· Tripping power emergency: a single computer using the 10-30 minutes, depending on computer power consumption

· Voltage: voltage instability region, stable voltage output, ensure normal and safe operation of computers and other electronic products

· Computer does not promote: the perfect solution for computers Chong Qi due to voltage change or shut down, such as Kai air-conditioned refrigerator, causing computers to promote, initiate large electrical equipment around, Thunder caused by Chong Qi