Authentic | Jin Wushi DK1000 600W UPS power supply | delayed 30 minutes | 2 computer super regulator Wang

Authentic | Jin Wushi DK1000 600W UPS power supply | delayed 30 minutes | 2 computer super regulator Wang

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: KINGCHEVALIER / Jin Wushi
  • Model: DK1000

UPS power back-up delay time calculation method:

(X battery voltage battery capacity) / Device power = extended time (hours)
For example: DK1000 UPS power supply built-in 12V battery 7AH 2 rats working voltage of 12V, with 200W device (computer)

Calculation method: battery capacity battery is only 7AH X 2 X battery voltage of 12V / 200W = 0.84 Xiaoshi power equipment in terms of minutes about: 0.84X60 = 50.4 minutes

(Please specific delay time is calculated as the actual power wattage own devices)

This is the theoretical value, the actual value may be small, probably between 45-50 minutes, according to the actual use of environmental determinism (battery discharge temperature also determines the length of time, about 25 ° for the best environment)

Product Features

(1) Wide input voltage range (145V-280V)

(2) super-regulator function within the input voltage range, stable voltage of about 220V. When the mains voltage to 145V Under, or above 280V automatically switch to battery power to protect its load of computers and other equipment. When electricity is restored to normal

Automatically jump to the mains power supply mode, effectively maintain your continuous supply of power.

(3) Intimate design, small size, appearance, help you save space efficient, easily into the home and office environments.

(4) filtering and noise isolation design, but also an ideal quiet your office and living environment.

(5) AC surge protection

(6) recharge, discharge protection and management

(7) Unattended function, battery voltage automatic shutdown protection, electricity is restored automatically.

Manufacturer: Sunbeam Wang Rui, Foshan City Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

product description

Jin Wushi DK1000 backup UPS power supply is a high operating efficiency, advanced and reliable performance of the Uninterruptible Power Systems. He also has a low noise, small size, appearance, affordable, and other characteristics, mainly for electric market volatility is not on the quality of power supply less demanding situations, such as personal computers, home multimedia, PC, routers, POS machines, communication equipment and industrial products.

after-sale warranty

Genius, Host and batteries are guaranteed for one year Warranty finished with machine serial number warranty without invoices and receipts, and other credentials. As long as Jin Wushi brand UPS, any place to buy the machines we have gold for your warranty, please rest assured purchase.