Hydraulic breaker hammer wholesale manufacturer -JM165AS-

Hydraulic breaker hammer wholesale manufacturer -JM165AS-

Product description:

Product Features:

`Expansion triangular design helps service;
`Strong hitting force and efficient hitting efficiency;
`Highest return on investment;

`Simple maintenance and after-sales service;
`Means automatic oiler butter;
`Water work equipment;

Jomo ® Series hydraulic breaker, technology from Japan, South Korea, the movement produced in South Korea. I uphold the company brand is life, defend the brand as a defense of life. Therefore, we focus on improving the quality of hammers and Jomo brand reputation upgrade, rather than blindly Menthods. We have been the slogan is' good carpenter will never rotten wood with the back of the chair and depending on the customer never 'fool', their technical standards and requirements, always higher than I The company's technology and requirements, so we have to constantly improve themselves, practicing their body, enhance the technical level, strict supervision and management, and efforts to develop creativity.

I produced around the cylinder, made of 20CRMO, after carburizing heat treatment, HRC hardness value of 58 to 61, just inside the soft outer, one year warranty.

I produced the drill rod depending on the application have plum-shaped, diamond-shaped, flat-shaped, conical, round shape, according to the process for some modeling, and other wear-resistant technology, quality through market research, generally recognized. And successfully complete a number of domestic and foreign famous hammer distribution business.

Jomo production side bolts made of 40CR, and through bolts made of 42CRMO, after modulation payment processing and then rolling molding, beautiful appearance, durable.

Jomo production of flat sales and other spare parts, made of 42CRMO, forging molding reprocessing.

Jomo production of pistons, acting on repair hammers, made of 40CRNIMOA, one year warranty.

Meanwhile Jomo heavy industry is also South Korea Pan Ocean, toward the light, Taekwang, core partners Ante Chinese market, while wholesale body hammer (hammer movement), the cylinder assembly. And Ante total valve China distribution.

Good quality and reputation, is based on the fundamental. Please trust Jomo, let us grow together.

Technical Parameters:

Specifications Name unit JM165AS
Weight kg 1442
Gross weight kg 2751
Overall Length mm 2816
wide mm 590
Hydraulic oil flow l / min 200-260
Hydraulic oil pressure kg / cm2 160-180
Hit frequency bpm 250-400
Rod diameter mm 165
With heavy vehicles ton 30-45

Applicable excavator models:

DOOSAN DAEWOO Doosan Daewoo: DH360 DH420 DH500
HITACHI Hitachi: ZX360 ZX400
KATO Kato: HD1500 HD1800 HD2500
KOBELCO Kobelco: SK400 SK430 SK450
KOMATSU Komatsu: PC400
SUMITOMO Sumitomo: S100 S430 SH400 SH450
LIEBHEER Liebherr: R952 R954LIT
HYUNDAI Modern: R420 R450
CAT Carter: 329 335 330L E450 235C
CHANGJIANG Yangtze: WY402 WY452 R982HD
CASE Case: 1488LC 9033