Broken within hammer coat

Broken within hammer coat

Product description:

Price of invited members of the inner jacket backstage view
Inner jacket (inside and outside the bushing, guide sleeve) Very important, but also easy to wear pieces.
Material selection 42crmo, but metal hardness around 52 degrees, too hard prone brittle, and Rod Hou loaded, if the machine power, easy to wear drill rod surface; on the contrary, if too soft liner will wear too much .
Rod guide sleeve failure

Guide sleeve guide sleeve due to poor lubrication or poor wear resistance, accelerated wear of the guide sleeve, and the gap guide sleeve drill rod sometimes up to 10mm or more, then the center line of the drill rod easily skewed, drill rod when the piston is moved to the tail When the piston is eccentric by the reaction force, a component of the force acting on the piston is formed radial force to one side of the piston in the radial force, so that the original gap disappears, the film is damaged, formation of dry friction, quickly strain the surface of the piston and cylinder. characterized by large strain area of ​​about 1/3 of a cylindrical area, strain traces short, equal to the amount of displacement of the drill rod.

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