Genuine Canon 840 ink cartridges MG3580 MG3680 MX378 MX398 MX478 MX538 528 841

Genuine Canon 840 ink cartridges MG3580 MG3680 MX378 MX398 MX478 MX538 528 841

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Category: Black to increase capacity 840XL- printable page 400 (A4 paper 5% coverage) (24% low cost) increase color capacity 841XL- printable page 400 (A4 paper 5% coverage) (35% lower cost ) 840 standard capacity black print 180 (A4 paper 5% coverage) color standard capacity print pages 841- 180 (A4 paper 5% coverage)
  • Brand: Canon / Canon
  • Canon cartridge / ink Model: PG-840
  • Applicable host brand: Canon / CANON
  • Canon models: MG3180 MG3580 MX398 MX528
  • For Category: Multifunctional

PG-840 black / PG-840XL Black / CL-841 color / CL-841XL color apply to the following models:

MG2180 MG3180 MG3580 MG4180 MG4280 MX378 MX398 MX438 MX458 MX478 MX518 MX528 MX538 MX548

Original inkjet identification methods

You can use the following three methods, easy identification of genuine Canon inkjet supplies

Method One: visually identified

Security label color discrimination

Check the security label from the color change
Canon has a security label color conversion function: When viewed from the front, it appears as gold, after conversion angle becomes blue and green.

Check the security label in the Canon logo
Existing security labels within a large 'Canon' is also a small 'Canon' logo, as well as 'Genuine' (genuine) flag.

Method two: Web communications and inquiry

Inkjet supplies for authenticity, please uncover inkjet supplies Authenticity check the label on the packaging to get 16-bit security code, via SMS, telephone or inquiry to identify the authenticity.

Method three: security identification audition

. Use of 'anti-counterfeiting audition' identification of the original cartridge laser anti-counterfeit labels in the 'anti-counterfeiting audition' under the display is:
Left window is black, and visible 'Canon' pattern; Right window color.