Wenzhou dawn sucked oil filter JX-63*80

Wenzhou dawn sucked oil filter JX-63*80

Product description:

Dawn filter Mainly used in the hydraulic system, used to filter solid particles in the medium and the jelly-like substance, effectively control contamination of the medium to purify the role of the media. Core material is easily damaged, in the use and maintenance attention. To replace it, has the purpose of increasing the service life. Larger particles in the filter media, cleaning materials, and equipment to reach the normal operation of the machine, to increase efficiency.

Medium: phosphate ester hydraulic fluid hydraulic oil emulsion water-glycol

Materials: glass fiber filter paper-BN stainless steel weaving wire-W wood pulp filter papers-p stainless steel sintered wire mesh-V

Filtration precision: 1 µ ~ 100 μg

Working pressure: 21bar-210bar

Working medium: hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, emulsions, water-glycol

Operating temperature:-30 c ~+110 c

Seal materials: fluorine rubber ring NBR rubber Dawn HX-100*10S filter

Filter type: PLFX-30*3, PLFX-30*5, PLFX-30*10, PLFX-30*20

Filter type: LH0060D3BN/HC, LH0060D5BN/HC, LH0060D10BN/HC, LH0060D20BN/HC
LH0110D3BN/ HC, LH0110D5BN/ HC, LH0110D10BN/ HC, LH0110D20BN/ HC
LH0160D3BN/ HC, LH0160D5BN/ HC, LH0160D10BN/ HC, LH0160D20BN/ HC
LH0240D3BN/ HC, LH0240D5BN/ HC, LH0240D10BN/ HC, LH0240D20BN/ HC
LH0330D3BN/ HC, LH0330D5BN/ HC, LH0330D10BN/ HC, LH0330D20BN/ HC
LH0500D3BN/ HC, LH0500D5BN/ HC, LH0500D10BN/ HC, LH0500D20BN/ HC
LH0660D3BN/ HC, LH0660D5BN/ HC, LH0660D10BN/ HC, LH0660D20BN/ HC