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Vinyl CDs | Car CD Recorders | Vinyl CDs | mp3 Blank CDs 50pcs

Vinyl CDs | Car CD Recorders | Vinyl CDs | mp3 Blank CDs 50pcs
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Sold quantity 80299
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Product parameters:

  • Packing type: Bottled
  • Brand: Ritek Ritek
  • Ritek series: vinyl series
  • Sales: whole box / whole barrel for sale
  • Color classification: 50 black and red version to send 50 PP bag and a gold pen 50 black and red version to send the CD clip 50 DJ version to send 50 PP bag and a 50-piece DJ version of the CD clip 50-color version to send 50 pieces of PP bags and gold pens 1 50-color version of the CD clip to send 50 Wind Wheel version to send 50 PP bag and a gold pen 50 pieces of blue and white porcelain to send 50 PP bag and a gold pen 50 pieces of blue and white porcelain CD clip 50 Wind Wheel version of the CD to send CD clip 50 special edition does not give 50 special edition gifts 50 black and red version does not give gifts 50 Lara mountain black CD folder 50 La Lashan black plastic to send 50 PP bags and a gold pen 50 Lala Hill Velcro specials do not give gifts
  • Burn disc type: No special properties
  • Format: CD-R
  • Number of pieces: 50 pieces
  • Read and write speed: 52X
  • Recordable disc capacity: 700MB
  • Diameter: 12cm

Will not burn the pro can contact customer recommended burning software tutorial

Buy 50 pieces of black plastic to send 50 thin disc bag or CD marker pen 1, can be selected in the classification of their own good photographed, photographed instantly! Disc marker colors are gold, black, blue, black and red version of the default to send gold Pen, the other version of the random delivery, for the specified in the seller's own message area to indicate good. No comments indicate the color of the pen randomly sent. ~ Recommended music links ~ contact customer service recommended burning tutorial ~

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions special 包邮!Can not be free to post the region can click on the address bar to view the corresponding fee, photographed automatically generated.Our hair rhyme or tact Express (express what to send in the seller message area marked good, or random send)
For SF Express please contact our customer service make up the difference.

If you take a marked pen with the package, please note the pen area of ​​the color of the pen .There are black, blue, gold 3! Black and red layout default hair gold.

(Note: written to be placed after more air-dried, this is not easy to dry, and more will blow, do not directly touch the hand)

Ritek De Vinyl Car Music Blank Disc Burner Shapes your own music

Disk: Surface printing black plastic ring overprint, such as the classic LD dense pattern vinyl CD album, give you the United States to enjoy.

Shooting light reasons, the inner ring is rosy red.

Layout design concept from the red glazed porcelain, red represents the traditional, festive, good fortune festive, engraved circular ring pattern, like the totem-like pattern beautiful, revealing a strong national charm.

Chassis:The end of strong sound quality of the black plastic end of a long aesthetic and other characteristics

Black recording surface in the music recording performance is very good, but also can be used as a data storage

Compatible with all kinds of disc players and burners;

The product is a Ritek company launched a music CD burn the new version of the recording disc

The recording layer using titanium cyanine dyes, anti-light, anti-temperature, moisture and other characteristics

Rhetto German vinyl music CD-R 52X 700M

CD Type: CD-R
CD-ROM capacity: 700MB
Size: 12cm
Packaging: 50 barrels
Burning speed: 52X
Read speed: 48X

Such as product updates are not timely notice to the kind of packaging shall prevail!

CD-ROM and burner or software may exist between the compatibility, compatibility issues not a quality problem, the shop sold CD-ROM is only committed to the original licensed, does not promise engraved carved, does not guarantee engraved rate, please carefully consider before buying!

On the compatibility problems caused by poor or burn the burn, shop to provide return policy, but need to take care of themselves and only accept the blank disc is not burned

You may be concerned about the problem

Q: Will the CD How many discs can I burn?

A: CD Data capacity 700M. CD Discs burn music according to time 80Minute count, a disc can burn 16Song about.


: CD to buy back how to burn it?

A: First, ensure that the computer comes with burner, and then download the burning software (such as NERO, burn master, etc.), students will not contact the customer service software and tutorials (workdays), pro can also own online search NERO9Software is simple and easy to use.

Q: Why do some people say CD The disc can be burned One hundred song?

A: Because the data is burned according to 700MCapacity calculation, our warm recommended data disk, although the amount of songs, but the sound quality is more inferior and can not play on other playback devices, including car, burn into CD Music discs sound better and can be used in many players, especially the car side.

Q: Why can not my recordings play in the car?

A: As stated above, you may burn into a data disk, can not be car CD Machine read.

Q: CD Can discs burn lossless music formats?

A: Yes, but eventually turned into CD Format lossless sound quality can not be perfect, and the recording method is cumbersome, the proposed high-quality MP3Format songs like the APE music format, you can use the format factory software into WAV format, WAV format for the ultimate lossless format, burning software to support the burn.

Q: DVD disk how to burn video?

A: If purely on the computer is playing on the display only need to burn video files (4.38G), If required DVD Machine playback requires the use of several related software conversion production format, will not produce a friend can first online search to understand, this shop is not yet specific conversion software support provided.

Q: DVD discs can burn photos or system discs ?

A: Data can be burned, do not super capacity (4.38G).

Q: CD-ROM can not read and burn, how do?

A: The situation is more, in part because the optical drive loose, laser head aging, incompatibility and other issues caused by the phenomenon can not read the disk, and some discs can only be recognized in the burning software and can successfully burn pro-trial can be burned successfully if not successful Read the disk, the general situation for the drive to pick up the phenomenon or compatibility issues, the pro can be tested on other computers do, remember to set the disk for a one-time use can not be repeated once burn operation! If you can not rule out hardware reasons, Please contact the customer service to help solve the first time, we wholeheartedly at your service in the end.