Tianwei 500ML printer ink cartridges even for ink |

Tianwei 500ML printer ink cartridges even for ink |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color classification: LC light green 0.5 kg LM light red 0.5 kg M magenta (red) 0.5 kg C blue (blue) 0.5 kg Y yellow 0.5 kg BK black 0.5 kg
  • Net content: 500ml
  • Applicable brands: Epson
  • Brand: PRINT-RITE / Tianwei
  • Model: 500ml y

'Brand': Tianwei
'Model': Epson / HP / Canon / Lexmark - dye inks
'Shelf Life': 3 years (sealed away from light)
'Filling ink': 500ML (ml) (gross weight per bottle of about 0.62 kg)
Color: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light red (EPSON Epson 6-color printer is for EPSON Epson 6-color printer, please do not choose other printer.)
'Properties': dye inks

'Applicable models': EPSON Epson / HP Hewlett-Packard / CANON Canon / LEXMARK Lexmark 4 brands All desktop printers Universal
Special Note: We also have more professional printing ink, please contact our customer service, thank you.

One bottle of ink Ink-jet syringes.
High capacity 10 ml syringe , Flat mouth needle does not hurt the hand.

Buy now also sent a portable USB lights, a limited number of first-come-first-served.