Weijia | applicable | Canon PG-835 cartridges 835XL cl836 IP1188 cartridges | printer cartridges

Weijia | applicable | Canon PG-835 cartridges 835XL cl836 IP1188 cartridges | printer cartridges

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: 836-color large-capacity [on mounted directly] [buy 5 get 1] 835 black [to be set [even for special] [Buy 5 get 1] 835 black high capacity [mounted directly] [buy 5 get 1 black [835] [set free even for special buy 5 get 1] [835] [big black boot capacity needs to be set] [buy 5 get 1]
  • Brand: W / Weijia
  • Model: 835XL
  • Applicable host brand: Canon / CANON
  • Canon models: IP1188
  • For Category: Printers

Brands Weijia For brand Canon
Compatible Models Canon PG-835 CL-836 Colour PG-835: Black CL-836: Color
Printed Pages

5% coverage A4 paper about 400, For more details, please see the original Printer Description

capacity Black: 21ML Color: co-21ML
Shelf Life Unopened products stored at room temperature for 2 years, cartridges save the cartridge in a first wife's bag, and save it at room temperature, remember not to let the sun exposure cartridge, otherwise it will directly affect the life of the cartridge.
Applicable models CANON / Canon IP1188 inkjet printing machine

The distinction between direct use and set up

Recommended stores: Sign installed can be used on the next use of the device connected Need to set the following settings as before Available: 1: unplug the printer off 2: Hold down the power button does not open then plug the power 3: Press the power button below the 3 'Restore' button 4: Release the power button, press the power after release button to boot (after releasing the power light is off instructions set successfully)

Even for specific options Description

This printer is already used in the ink supply system (that is, plug the printer and have that child inkwell line) hole fight even for a dedicated cartridge can also be used if there is not installed directly on the function of the ink cartridge (note the restaurant but does not include selling cartridges CISS but if you need to install the CISS ink supply system can not buy for himself before installing the CISS must first single-cartridge test well and then converted after conversion is no longer guaranteed)