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Jumeirah ND2-400 can Diaojian 77mm gray light mirror mirror 52/58/62/72/82/67 ash density filter

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Product parameters:

  • Bayonet Size: 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm
  • Brand: ZoMei
  • Model: Adjustable ND light microscopy
  • Filter Type: gray density mirror
  • Color Classification: Slim adjustable ND2-400 send Hao Li HD slim adjustable ND2-400 send Hao Li

HD models:

1, 'Min' (the finest) Save luminosity about 2 files, the final choice of whether you shoot density, you focus in the viewfinder before shooting can be used 'Min' to operate

2, on the Fader-ND outer printed with 'Min' (the brightest) and 'Max' (darkest) mark, there is a uniform set of punctuation between them, these punctuation is used to help the user to accurately reset a specific density reference purposes

3, such as the use of filters to the maximum density, there may be more obvious'Phillips' spot Or color shift phenomenon in order to ensure uninterrupted imaging, we recommend that you: this time to reduce the density filter lens, adjusting the aperture, to the interference spot disappears, you can shoot normal (if recommended that the accidental shooting, the lens is opened after Returns can not) choose to store high-priced adjustable ND light microscopy no such phenomenon (everyone should know that there can be no more than 100 products and more than 1,000 products of quality)

In many cases, the relationship between the intensity of ambient light, we can not get enough long shutter time, you will not be able to realize their photographic intentions.

product manual: Infinitely variable NDX equivalent ND2.5 ~ ND1000 (range equivalent ND2.5 ~ ND450) of Variable ND dimming mirror. So far, ND light microscopy is based on different photographic scene requires ND2, ND4 , ND8 each use, but infinitely variable NDX Save the front end as long as the rotary dimming mirror optical mirror can be adjusted by reducing the amount of light of freedom, is a landmark photographic accessories. photography can more easily use ND8 and ND4, because of concentration thick, framing and focus every time when they are required to remove light microscopy, but infinitely variable NDX is quite fill the frame with focus in ND2.5 density, then light microscope tip can be reduced by rotation adjusted concentration, so lifting the replacement light microscopy brings tedious.

Adjustable Variable light microscopy in terms of in terms of the structural design, material selection, manufacturing processes, testing standards, etc., have reached a very high standard. Subtract the amount of light from the ND2, ND4, ND8 ... ND400 stepless, and neutral degree (protection of the natural qualities of no color shift) and excellent sharpness indicator.

For example, the water in the wild shooting, we hope to use a second shutter to let the water showing the soft texture of cotton wool. However, due to strong light, using the camera's smallest aperture and lowest iso shooting, the shutter speed is still in about 1/30 of a second. the only way this time is to use one or even two nd8 lens to weaken the light entering the lens.

ND2 is reduced by 1 file exposure, ND4 two steps to reduce exposure, ND8 reduce third gear came to light.

There is a simple formula, assuming your camera in the case did not add nd, the normal exposure shutter speed is T, then added nd after, under the same lighting conditions, aperture and iso, normal exposure shutter speed = T * x, x is the label behind nd lens that figure, nd4 if x = 4, nd8 if x = 8.

Neutral gray lenses (ND) filter effect of non-selective, for a variety of different wavelengths of light to reduce capacity is equal, uniform; that, ND lens will not have any effect on the color of the original object, but also a true representation of the scene contrast. (essentially due process, or will produce a small amount of color temperature deviation)

When photography under the sun in the sky, the shutter speed becomes a high speed shutter At this time need to use the ND light microscopy.
Use a slow shutter streams and waterfalls in a well-lit location, using the ND light microscopy shoot almost does not affect the color, reducing the amount of light into the lens.
Adjusting the aperture, ISO sensitivity can slow down the shutter speed, the shutter speed in bright places difficult to do so at this time can be reduced by using light microscopy ND performed at slow shutter speeds.

1. Adjust to ND400, be your weapon to shoot the eclipse:

2. Reduction of light to a slow shutter speed, let the water, showing a waterfall batting blur of special effects:

● When such a filter is adjusted using the maximum density, it may appear obvious '×' spot or smear phenomenon.

● This product uses the coating, the filter when not in use, place it in the provided within the package and away from direct sunlight, hot and humid place.

● Due to the use of two lenses on the structure, so thicker than conventional filters. When using vignetting may occur.

● Although the use of the product coating, but no CPL polarizer effect, only the dimming effect.

● Filter box engraved surface substantially scale due to the overlap of the coating structure, when MIN and MAX scale filter effect may cause errors.

● Part caliber and upgrade ultra-thin models, (except small-caliber)

● bayonet size filters are 37,46,52,55,58,62,67,72,77,82mm10 species, please select the appropriate size according to your lens diameter