Product description:

Series number: MAHLE HX1 MAHLE filter
Filtration precision: 1~40 μ m
Material: imported glass fiber
Pressure: H-21MPa M-16MPa C-3.0MPa L-1.6MPa
Materials: glass fiber filter paper-BN stainless steel weaving wire-W wood pulp filter papers-p stainless steel sintered wire mesh-V
Sealing material: Z-d-fluorine rubber ring NBR
1, high pressure, medium pressure, oil and oil use PI87004DNDRGVST60 Muller filter

2, divided into high, medium and low grade. 2-5um high precision 10-15um for medium quality and 15-25um for low precision.

3, the compression filter product dimensions, larger filtering area, filtering parts into corrugated, hydraulic filter pleats height is generally below 20

4, hydraulic filter under pressure in 0.35-0.4MPa, but a particular filter, requirements under high pressure differential, maximum requirements 32MPa, even pressure 42MPa equivalent systems.

MAHLE HX1 MAHLE filter 5, Max enduring temperature, and some require a 135 ℃
Metallurgy: for rolling mills, continuous casting machine hydraulic system filtration and lubrication equipment filters
Petrochemicals: refining, separation and recycling of chemical products in the production process, liquid purification, tapes, optical discs and photographic film during the manufacturing process of purification, oil field water injection and gas filter dust particles.
Textile and packaging: polyester melt purification and even drawing engineering filters, air compressor protection filter, compressed gas removal of oil and water.
Electronics and pharmaceuticals: reverse osmosis water, deionized water pre filter, wash the pre-treatment filtering of fluids and glucose.
Thermal power and nuclear power: turbine, boiler lubrication systems, speed control system of bypass control system of purification, water pump, fan and purification of dust removal system.
Machining equipment: paper-making machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery lubricating systems and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment for dust recovery filter.

Prices, short delivery time, quality is reliable.

Left hydraulic filter is mainly used in the hydraulic system, used to filter solid particles in the medium and the jelly-like substance, effectively control contamination of the medium to purify the role of the media. Core material is easily damaged, MAHLE HX1 MAHLE filter in use and maintenance attention. To replace it, has the purpose of increasing the service life. Larger particles in the filter media, cleaning materials, and equipment to reach the normal operation of the machine, PI22004RNSMX6 PI23004RNSMX10 PI24004RNSMX16 PI25004RNSMX25
PI21006RNSMX3 PI22006RNSMX6 PI23006RNSMX10 PI24006RNSMX16
PI25006RNSMX25 PI21010RNSMX3 PI22010RNSMX6 PI23010RNSMX10
PI24010RNSMX16 PI25010RNSMX25 PI21016RNSMX3 PI22016RNSMX6
PI23016RNSMX10 PI24016RNSMX16 PI25016RNSMX25 PI21025RNSMX3
PI21040RNSMX3 PI22040RNSMX6 PI23040RNSMX10 PI24040RNSMX16
PI25040RNSMX25 PI21063RNSMX3 PI22063RNSMX6 PI23063RNSMX10
PI24063RNSMX16 PI25063RNSMX25 PI21100RNSMX3 PI22100RNSMX6
PI23100RNSMX10 PI24100RNSMX16 PI25100RNSMX25 PI33004RNDRG10
PI35004RNDRG25 PI36004RNDRG40 PI37004RNDRG60 PI38004RNDRG100
PI33006RNDRG10 PI35006RNDRG25 PI36006RNDRG40 PI37006RNDRG60
PI37010RNDRG60 PI38010RNDRG100 PI33016RNDRG10 PI35016RNDRG25
PI36016RNDRG40 PI37016RNDRG60 PI38016RNDRG100 PI33025RNDRG10
PI33040RNDRG10 PI35040RNDRG25 PI36040RNDRG40 PI37040RNDRG60
PI38040RNDRG100 PI33063RNDRG10 PI35063RNDRG25 PI36063RNDRG40
PI36100RNDRG40 PI37100RNDRG60 PI38100RNDRG100 PI13004RNMIC10
PI15004RNMIC25 PI13006RNMIC10 PI15006RNMIC25 PI13010RNMIC10
PI15063RNMIC25 PI13100RNMIC10 PI15100RNMIC25 PI2150SMX5
PI5108SMX6 PI3108SMX10 PI4108SMX25 PI2208SMXVST3
PI5111SMX6 PI3111SMX10 PI4111SMX25 PI2211SMXVST3
PI5115SMX6 PI3115SMX10 PI4115SMX25 PI2215SMXVST3
PI5130SMX6 PI3130SMX10 PI4130SMX25 PI2230SMXVST3
PI5145SMX6 PI3145SMX10 PI4145SMX25 PI2245SMXVST3
PI8305DRG40 PI8405DRG60 PI8505DRG100 PI1105MIC10
PI1005MIC25 PI8108DRG10 PI8208DRG25 PI8308DRG40
PI8515DRG100 PI1111MIC10 PI1015MIC25 PI8130DRG10
PI8230DRG25 PI8330DRG40 PI8430DRG60 PI8530DRG100
PI1130MIC10 PI1030MIC25 PI8145DRG10 PI8245DRG25
PI8345DRG40 PI8445DRG60 PI8545DRG100 PI1145MIC10