01181060 DEUTZ filters

01181060 DEUTZ filters

Product description:

01181060 DEUTZ filters model:

The main products: construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, heavy vehicles, luxury buses, generators of filter and filter assembly and various shaped filter, filter I plant annual production: Deutz, paver , Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Atlas mobile air compressor accessories filter elements and other construction machinery, compressors purification filter, oil filter, in addition to water filters, dust filter, air filter, oil filter diesel filter hydraulic filter steering pilot filter filters and other filters and filter.

1, factory production of wood pulp filter paper: air filter paper, machine filter, diesel filter paper, and sales: South Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany, and other filters.

2, the production of various engineering machinery filter, filter.

3, the main production: Deutz, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz and other filter part number: 011744230117442101174420, 01174418, 011744190117441601180597, filters and other 0,118,059,601,174,696

4, compressor purification filter, oil filter, in addition to water filters, dust filter.

5, the production of filter equipment: shears, pressure machine, cutting machine, oven packaging machine, filter complete production lines.

6, users can request our customers to build large scale filter Arsenal.

7, the production of pavers filter part numbers are:

C 14 200 C 15 300 C 16 400 C 20 500 C 23 610 C 23 440/1 C 24 650/1 C 25 710 C 30 810 C 30 703 and other air filter.

8. the production of the Mercedes-Benz filter part numbers are:

Mercedes-Benz has a filter machine: H 12 110/2 H 1275 X

Mercedes air filter has: A 003 094 42 04

9, customers can request processing different line filter (sample or drawings): welcome to request detailed product information Our aim is' Quality is the life of our credibility is the development of a source, the current products have been sold throughout the country, deep. domestic and international users by the trust. Langfang Lefort filter factory sincerely hope to establish good relations and sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and the domestic new and old customers. and through our cooperation left good memories. We will sincerely treat each customer, give full play to the company's advantage in making good social benefits, and common development.