29540493 Allison hydraulic oil filter, the filter Allison

29540493 Allison hydraulic oil filter, the filter Allison

Product description:

29540493 Allison hydraulic oil filter. Allison filter

1. ALLISON Allison introduction;

ALLISON Allison is the world's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty automatic transmissions, in the design, manufacture and marketing services are leading the world trend of heavy-duty automatic transmissions, covering the city bus, road / off-highway trucks, various special vehicles and oilfield equipment vehicles.
Including the 5000 series, 6000 series, 8000 series and 9000 series provides more non-highway transmission parts, common are: high efficiency filter cartridge and filter, torque converter turbine / idler pulley / pump wheel, gear / ring gear, flanges, bolts, snap rings, springs, seals, bearings, steering pump, repair kit, and so on.

2. The transmission filter dirty will Shiyao doubt have nay impact occurs when in gear?

Transmission oil filter dirty must be replaced transmission oil and filter, because the filter is dirty can cause insufficient transmission oil pressure, transmission shift makes hair Chuang, slipping clutches and brakes, power output insufficient. Moreover, because the clutch or brake slip, increased wear and tear, wear particles may enter the body, resulting in failure to further expand, so must be replaced.

3. Our professional production ALLISON (Allison) Transmission system components filter hydraulic filters, filter specific model: 23040988, 2,304,937,323,049,374, 29501202, 29509723, 29510910, 2,952,689,829,526,899, 29538231, 29538232, 2954049329540494 etc ....