Allison 29510910 hydraulic oil filter, Allison transmission filter

Allison 29510910 hydraulic oil filter, Allison transmission filter

Product description:

Allison 29510910 hydraulic oil filter. Allison transmission filter

1. ALLISON Ai Lixun introduction;

ALLISON Ai Lixun is the world's largest manufacturer of heavy duty automatic transmission, in the design, manufacture and sale of services have led the world trend of the medium and heavy duty automatic transmission, products covered by city buses, highway/off-highway trucks, special vehicles and oil field equipment.
Includes 5000 series, 6000 series, 8000 series, 9000 series. Provide spare parts for off-highway transmissions, common are: high efficiency filter Assembly and filter, turbine/torque converter stator/pump, rack and pinion/ring and flange bolt, snap rings, springs, seals, bearings, steering pumps, repair kits, and so on.

2. transmission filter too dirty about what gear is suspected with what impact?

Transmission oil filter is too dirty to change transmission fluid and filter. Because the filter is dirty will be inadequate transmission oil pressure, transmission shift into, clutch and brake skid, lack of power output. Because the clutch or brake skid, wear, wear particles might enter the valve body, resulting in failure to further expand. Must be replaced immediately.

3. the factory specializes in production of ALLISON (Ai Lixun) transmission filter element of hydraulic system parts, filter specific models: 23040988, 23049373, 23049374, 29501202, 29509723, 29510910, 29526898, 29526899, 29538231, 29538232, 2954049329540494 etc. ...