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Spot WU160 * 100-J Power EH pump inlet filter

Spot WU160 * 100-J Power EH pump inlet filter
  • Spot WU160 * 100-J Power EH pump inlet filter
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Shelf WU160 * 100-J Power Plant EH pump inlet filter

Jacking oil pump outlet filter TLX268A / 20P



PQX-150 * 10Q2


SFX-660 * 30

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Jacking oil pump back to the oil filter HBX-250 * 10


φ55.5/ Q100 *652



Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Low pressure filter cartridge SRLF-850 * 25PP (top axis means Binoculars filter cartridge)

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

High pressure filter cartridge ZU-H250

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Jacking equipment export filter cartridge SJF-H240 * 10FC

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Oil motive import filter 0110D010BN3HC / -V


ZTJ300 B12 * 25

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Oil purification equipment coalescence filter LXM15-8.5

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Oil purification equipment separation filter YSF15-6A

Lefort Filters - Power Filter

Lefort professional production power plant power plants, petrochemical, steel mills, cement, shipbuilding and other industries. Resistant fuel system-specific filters, EH oil system filters, oil filter system, filter, filter air compressor system, a large machine tools hydraulic filters.
Filter FBX-630 * 20
Filter GP400 * 5Q2
Filter Q3U-A40 * 5S
Filter LH0850R5BN / HC
Filter YWU-400 * 180-J
Filter NX-1000 * 1
Filter HBX-63 * 3
Filter TZX-E250 * 30Q
Filter FAX-400 * 30
Filter SFAX-250-10
Filter HDX.BH-250 * 10Q
Filter YWU-25 * 180-J
Filter HBX-250 * 30
Filter RFB-100 * 20C
Filter SFAX.BH100 * 20
Filter ZU-H160 * 10S
Filter WUI-A160 * 60S
Filter JX-1000 * 180
Filter HX-250 * 30Q
Filter Q2UI-A100 * 30S
Filter HX.BH-63 * 30
Filter 0240R010BN3HC or / -V
Filter FBX (TZ) -63 * 10
Filter LH0850R10BN / HC
Filter HX-40 * 10
Air filter QUQ2-3-B

Filter Technology Co., Ltd. Langfang Lefort ten years committed to professional development and production, product quality and reliable hydraulic products. Power filter manufactured by the company has been Beijing Guodian, Guodian Xingyang, Citizens State Power, Baicheng power plants, Vestas Wind Power Equipment (China) Co., Ltd., Jiujiang Power Plant, Huainan City States Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xingfa Zhanjiang Power Plant, Shenzhen

B Power Plant, Guizhou power plants and other widely used and praised by customers!

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