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Charm silk Dai children fake bangs with hair bands | invisible trace Qi Liu wig wigs false head curtain flat left wig

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: charm silk Dai children simple and perfect wearing hair hoop style ...
  • Brand: Charm silk Dai children
  • Wigs a single product: simple and perfect wearing hair hoop-style Qi Liu oblique Liu
  • Color: 包邮 matte hair wear hoop Qi Liu: natural black matt hair dyed hair hoop Qi Liu: brown black mail matte wearing hair hoop Qi Liu: dark brown matte hair wear hoop Qi Liu: shallow Brown 包邮 matt hair band hoop oblique bangs: natural black package matte wear hair bands oblique bangs: brown black mail matte wearing hair bands oblique bangs: dark brown mail matte wearing hair bands oblique bangs: light brown bag Black and white hair wrapped around the temples Qi Liu: dark brown hair wear hoop temples Qi Liu: light brown
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Effect: lovely repair face
  • Cosmetics features: beautiful fashion

Charm silk Dai children, fashion wig preferred, authentic purchase! Benefits a lot, a lot of concessions!

'Hairband Liu Hai Pei Dai convenient, lazy mode start Oh!

'Carefully selected hair hoop lines clear texture, fashion and low - key!'

'Hair band using the Korean self-adhesive skin-fronted cashmere, black wild lining cloth!'

'Cost - effective can be seen, no longer hesitate Oh!

'OUR at the same time the sale of color films, Qi Liu, air Liu, pear Mawei, Zhima tail, the contract and the gradient film, welcomed Tasting!

The pursuit of fashion is the charm of silk children's purpose, so pro-more beautiful is the charm of silk children's mission, come and buy it!

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