PVC waterproofing membrane

PVC waterproofing membrane

Product description:

PVC waterproofing membrane

• Product Products Description

Polyvinyl chloride ( referred PVC) waterproofing membrane, based on polyvinyl chloride resin as raw material, adding plasticizers, fillers, antioxidants, UV absorbers and other additives made ​​of a new polymer extrusion waterproof materials.

• Product types and specifications Products Specification

Press the composition of the product is divided into : non- homogeneous composite membrane (code H), with the backing composite fiber coil (code L), inner fabric reinforced coil (code P), glass fiber reinforced inner coil (code G), glass fiber reinforced inner coil with a composite fiber backing (code GL)

Width : 1-2.0m Thickness : 1.2mm 1.8mm 1.5mm 2.0mm

Length : 15m 20 m 25m

• Product Applications Application Rang

Suitable for a variety of industrial and construction roofing, basements, reservoirs, dams, highway tunnels, railway tunnels, bomb shelters and grain storage, waste plants, wastewater treatment and other construction waterproofing .