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Red Bala Duo grape seedlings

Red Bala Duo grape seedlings
  • Red Bala Duo grape seedlings
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Red巴拉多欧亚species, Alias: Red Bharati, red show, Early red show parents : Bharati * Beijing show breed characteristics : big ear, the average single ear weight 600 grams, the largest single spike weight 2000 g fruit tree seedlings. fruit of uniform size, the raw medium tight, oval, maximum weight of up to 12 grams. pericarp bright red, Piboroucui can be eaten with skin, high sugar content, up to 23%, no aroma, taste good. not easy cracking, grain can not afford early fruit resistance, high yield, disease resistance are good. Zhangjiagang City in early July began to mature fruit trees, for a very precocious varieties .