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Summer black grape seedlings

Summer black grape seedlings
  • Summer black grape seedlings
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European and American hybrid of origin Japan Yamanashi, Japan resulting hybrid fruit Proving Ground in 1968, its parent is Jufeng * Suites Rousseau Sunsolt nn シ ド su Ritz. After 20 nationwide test site suitability test 29 years after the August 1997 Login, New Cultivar Registration as No. 9732 The completion of new grape varieties and technology demonstration garden from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2004 by the introduction of fruit trees of the species.
Most ear conical, some of Bifidobacterium conical shoulder, no side ear. Ear big, ear length 15 ~ 22 cm, ear width 14 ~ 16cm, the average ear weight 420g. Natural grain weight 3 ~ 3.5g, after red After adriamycin treatment, fruit large, longitudinal diameter 2.3 ~ 2.7cm, diameter of 2.05 ~ 2.70cm, average weight 8g, maximum weight 12g; average ear weight 650g, the maximum spike weight 980g fruit with raw or very close. close, ear size and tidy. fruit nearly round, purple to blue black, color rich, high in the southern night temperature is also very easy to color, consistent color, maturity consistent peel thick crisp, no astringency. fruit powder thick. flesh hard and brittle, no meat sac, purple juice. Sauvignon sweet, thick strawberry flavor. No seeds. No Xiaoqing tablets. soluble solids content of 20 to 22%. Fresh finest quality.
Overall: The breed concentrated sweet and refreshing, with a rich strawberry flavor, Jiaxing area began in early July mature, no fruit, no shattering, no aftertaste, not softened, is suitable for large-scale development of quality early fresh varieties. After GA treatment, increased fruit more than doubled, to increase production. Tree vigorous, disease resistance, firm fruit with students, is a rare set of early maturing, large grain, high-quality, disease-resistant, easy to color, resistance to transport in one of the seedless varieties. The variety for outdoor planting throughout the country, in the early-maturing varieties overall performance is excellent.