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Weike grape seedlings

Weike grape seedlings
  • Weike grape seedlings
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Late maturing, large grain high-yielding grape

Weike alias Vink of the grape seedlings of grape seedlings of grape seedlings, beauty Hu grape nursery stock in March 2001 from Japan introduced. Parent x bud roses-Fay road, Vitis vinifera, second generation varieties of Muscat, the fresh food quality fine crisp and delicious, and moderate sweetness, fruit-bearing pines, ear size and neat. Fruit ovoid, purple-red to purplish black, mature. Grain weighing 10 to 12 grams, Max 17 g, oblong, Spike weigh between 600 and 700 grams, up to 1500 grams, cone-shaped, purple-red to black, fruit crisp, slice does not drip water, soluble solids of 20%, taste extremely sweet, taste great, and never get tired of eating. Growing well, easy to cultivate, in the South, colored light, purple-red when mature, or black, mature long after the storage period the hanging tree, may keep fruit by mid-November, flesh firmness and tolerance to storage of grape seedlings and United States comparable to red, but far more flavor than United States red, excellent late-maturing varieties. Pericarp thickness moderate toughness, no astringency, thick fruit powder, fruit crisp, meat-free bag, juicy, fruit juice greenish-yellow. Extremely sweet. Fruit long brush, very tolerant, good flower bud differentiation, high yield, stable yield, good, tendrils of medium thick, turning mature.