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Red grape seedling milk

Red grape seedling milk
  • Red grape seedling milk
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Fruit tree seedlings

The breed ears close, elongated particles and fruit climax tip (completely different from the beauty finger as long cylindrical fruit, fruit top is flat-shaped). Natural weight 9-11g, ear weight 500g-700g, fleshy hard crisp, very sweet, fragrant refreshing, excellent flavor, after tasting, and feeling sticky fingers, showing much sugar.

Red milk five advantages:

Yield: 3 years spanning tree branches and fruit are all double ear, the result of high rates of rare, kilograms per mu is not an exaggeration.

High sugar: sugar mature up to 25 degrees, after tasting memorable, the food can not bear to shut up.

Fruit shaped the United States: an elongated fruit, fruit climax sharp, sparkling red, spike spike hanging in the branches, like garden art.

High resistant: several years to observe, its resistance to seed as much as Europe, compared with beauty means, red and other varieties resistant to the Earth do not know how many times stronger.

High lignified: normal tree cultivation, fruit not yet fully mature, the results have been most mature branches, the whole tree branches without any result is a green bar, and pieces of nature (unlike beauty refers to other species, autumn trees green bar up to 30% -50% do not form a woody).

North China milk Gregorian red grapes can be harvested in late August, the September mid fully mature, mature vines fruiting body can be very long term of 1-3 months does not fall off, red grapes Mid-Autumn Day double milk let-listed tasters appetites, so growers lucrative