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Grape seedlings | quality grape seedlings | grape seedlings Price

Grape seedlings | quality grape seedlings | grape seedlings Price
  • Grape seedlings | quality grape seedlings | grape seedlings Price
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Changli Phoenix agriculture and forestry seedling base for a comprehensive breeding base, located in China's largest dry red wine city - Qinhuangdao Changli shilipu, based on seedling breeding, fruit sales-oriented national industrial and commercial registration of economic entities under the grapes. Planting fruit marketing cooperatives and centers, fine varieties of fruit trees in the development, introduction, breeding, marketing, resource integration, plus a part of a way of operating, in the service of agriculture, rural areas and highly responsible attitude, commitment fruit nursery stock industry Among the process, the base of seedlings produced varieties pure, good quality, low price, praised by users, the credibility of the first, quality service 'for the base purpose!

******** ******** Provides the following quality seedlings

A. Nutrition Bowl grape seedling
4--8 月份 this base to meet the needs of the majority of farmers timely seedling, breeding a large number of special nutritional bowl grape seedlings, to ultra-low price, high quality green seedlings supply market
Nutritional bowl seedling characteristics: high survival rate (up 100%), adaptability, Huanmiao fast, high yield, good flowering year, next year can result Specifications: clover as one year fathered varieties Red, Victoria, Rose, Green mentioned, rose milk, summer black, Zana, Beijing show, Xinghua the 1st (red Rosa), Moldova, red breast, Kyoho, beauty refers, Cabernet Sauvignon, smoke seventy-three, Riesling, Xia . Chardonnay, Casablanca and other major suitable for the development of intensive orchards, sightseeing picking garden, green corridors, bonsai grape sales, greenhouse cultivation, and covers an area of ​​Italica price as the previous government land grabbing to compensation: $ 0.30-2 yuan because different varieties (advance reservation price)
B. (spring and autumn) grape seedling varieties are available:
1. precocious: Pink Rosa (Xinghua the 1st), summer black seedless, Victoria, summer solstice red, green seedless grapes (white heart-shaped), red Ba Ladi, seedless Early Red (8611, seedless Wang) Black beet, rose milk, Zana, Auguste, Richard Matt, Xiang Fei rose, Beijing Asia, Beijing show, Flame Seedless (Frey seedless), a nuclear cold Honey, yellow mention (excellent Seedless)
2. In late: Red (Red Earth), beauty means, Goldfinger, giant roses, red breast, Moldova, may Lun raw seedless purple crisp (A09) seedless, drunk incense (denuclearization on the 4th, jasmine incense), Kaneda United States refers to (red Queen), rose incense, jade, Fujiminori, Jufeng, households too on the 8th, Shinano red, honey red (red princess), Hong Yue, Wei can (Vink), Red Rose ( Red Rosario), Sunshine Rose (summer sound Masi Carter), Tianshan, purple sweet (A17) Seedless (Halloween-nuclear), the Royal Seedless, Ruby Seedless, Red cocoon, white milk, Gela Ka
4. wine varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot (Merlot, Merlot), Cabernet, smoke seventy-three, product interest beads (Carmen Knight), Chardonnay (check when Nigeria), Riesling (meaning Slim, Ray Italy Commander), West Prince (Norodom, Syrah), Ugni Blanc, Vidal ice grapes, north ice red, double red (winter without cold) (Note: Some varieties suitable for the greenhouse and land) price : $ 0.50-20 yuan, varies by species
C. fruit tree seedlings
Peach: Spring Snow precocious, oil on the 5th, the Austrian, Kubo, early Feng Wang, Jinghong
Lee: ruby, Angeleno, brown, purple amber, goddess Meili
Pear: Pear, Golden Pear, Atago pear, pear, Jinfeng pear, yellow pear
Apricot: Golden Sun, Kate, Hongfeng, the new century, red
Persimmon: persimmon, red lanterns, beef heart persimmon
Apple: Chang Fuji, yellow bananas, Morris, Anglin, Guoguang, Gala
Cherries: red, Zaodaguo, Lapins, the United States early, Shami Tuo, Shami beans, Rainey, Pioneer
Hawthorn: Large Venus, Big Five edge
Chestnut: Yanshan red, Dahongpao, seedlings
Walnut: Hong Ling, fragrance, seedlings * Price: $ 1-15 million (due to variety, size varies, perennial fruit tree seedlings excluded)
D. green seedlings Poplar, torch, Salix, fast-growing willow, golden elm, flowering plum, Tau, crabapple, hibiscus, Ziye Li et
* Note: Some varieties have (one to many years seedlings, covering seedlings), some species need (booked in advance), welcomed the inquiry of the base for a large area to build gardens provide technical services, to undertake the task oriented nursery, responsible for technical advice! ! apply moisturizer mailing, shipping and other logistics business! basis puerile, large concessions of principle, sincerely welcome your visit! Your base is willing to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!
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