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Misi show wig | a piece of color hair piece | pick a long clip child hair piece | Harajuku wig

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: US silk show color wig
  • Brand: US silk show
  • Wigs single product: color wig
  • Color Classification: 202-1 Orange 202-3 Chinese Red 202-5 Rose Red 202-6 Dark Blue 202-7 Light Green 202-8 Light Blue 202-9 米 White 202-10 Chocolate 202-11 Violet 202-13 Light Orange 101-1 Orange 101-2 Pink 101-3 Chinese Red 101-5 Rose 101-7 Light Green 101-8 Light Blue 101-9 M White 101-11 Violet 101-12 Light Pink Black Dark Brown Light Brown linen color chestnut gold / yellow silver gray wine red army green light yellow light gray light green chocolate dark gray deep khaki color dark blue deep purple sky blue
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Efficacy: with a hundred change hair
  • Cosmetics features: can be any shape

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