Pp-r hot and cold water pipe machinery

Pp-r hot and cold water pipe machinery

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Pp-r hot and cold water pipe mechanical-detailed:
Qingdao section shengda plastic mechanical limited is located in Shandong province Jiaozhou, is main production plastic mechanical extrusion equipment of professional manufacturers, main products has: new environmental PE, PP, PVC wood plastic profile line, plastic hollow lattice Board line, PP-R hot and cold pipes line, PVC for drain, thread tube line, PE gas water tube line, hollow wall winding tube line, PVC transparent tablets material line, PP, PE, PVC, PC, ABS plastic Board tablets material, Wood-plastic plate extrusion line, wood-plastic building templates such as extrusion lines. We always follow ' honesty, ...

Pp-r hot and cold water pipe machinery

Pp-r hot and cold water pipe machinery Features: designed according PP-R rheology of extruder screw, item plasticizing ability, good dispersion, melt temperature uniformity. Among the highest yields in the same internal. Screw structure advanced, accurate speed, can meet the needs of changing PP-R melt flow process. Processing of PP-R melt in an extrusion machine and stay fit in the pipe die head, takes too long to avoid heat and oxidation. Optional equipment: line markings on the composite extrusion of PP-r pipe production line equipment, extrusion of PP-r pipes and PP color strips collection, facilitate the identification of needs for pp-r pipe purposes or other purposes. Line screw extruder screw diameter frequency control, machine design is compact and Ling, and easy to use, popular with customers interface operation and a high degree of automation. Using special screw good plasticizing effect. Adopting compound spiral head, effectively remove material memory of attack. Vacuum calibration, temperature control, eliminating the pipe stress. Main technical parameters

Model SJ65/32 25/25 SJ75/32 30/25 SJ75/32 30/25 SJ90/32 30/25
Applicable materials PP-R, PP, PE PP-R, PP, PE PP-R, PP, PE PP-R, PP, PE
Extruder type SJ65 SJ65 SJ75 SJ90
Diameter range mm 16-63 16-75 20-110 20-160
Motor power 37kw 45kw 55 75kw
Output kg/h 120kg/ h 150 kg/ h 200kg/ h 300kg/ h

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Address: Yangzhou West Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, No. 288

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