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Green wood-plastic construction template production line

Green wood-plastic construction template production line
  • Green wood-plastic construction template production line
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Green wood-plastic construction template production line - a detailed description:
Shengda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch is located in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, is a major producer of plastic extrusion machinery professional equipment manufacturers, the main products: a new environmentally friendly PE, PP, PVC wood-plastic profile production line, plastic hollow grid board production line, PP- R hot and cold water pipe production line, PVC water supply and drainage, threading pipe production line, PE gas supply pipe production line, hollow wall winding pipe production line, PVC transparent film material production line, PP, PE, PVC, PC, ABS plastic plate sheet, wood board sheet production line, WPC building template extrusion lines, etc. The company always follow the 'good faith, ...

Green wood-plastic construction template production line

Wood-plastic construction template. Integrity, high surface hardness, wear clean, easy to clean, large construction adaptation temperature range, heat cold, anti-aging, can withstand all kinds of construction loads. WPC Templates Having moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, especially suitable for use in underground and wet conditions. Wood template of high strength, toughness, impact resistance, flexibility and strong, not deformed, thus substantially improved turnaround times using a template. Tested. WPC Templates The normal frequency of use can be reused 25-30 times, can greatly reduce the construction costs. WPC Templates Full specifications, light weight, portable support form removal, construction operation and handling safe and reliable, low labor intensity, high efficiency of construction. Wood template in case of damage, can be one hundred percent recovery, regeneration, reduce waste pollution on the environment, in line with national Creating a basic national policy of saving society to make fair-faced concrete: Plastic template Genus polymer materials, surface finish, pouring the object surface is smooth and beautiful, after pouring concrete to achieve the requirements of drywall, minus the secondary wall plastering process can be directly attached to the surface decoration, corrosion 30% reduction schedule: products acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and is very suitable in coastal areas, underground engineering, mines, dams and other projects in the sea use and storage applications do not require any preservative treatment, do not pollute the concrete surface construction performance: sawing, drilling , vertical and horizontal connections can be any combination, nailing, sawing, drilling, etc. is better than bamboo plywood, the small steel; steel box template can come in various shapes according to the construction needs processing.

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Green wood-plastic construction template production line
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