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NALA beautiful artisan spray bottle variety PETPP material mist fog spray bottle easy to carry travel bottle

NALA beautiful artisan spray bottle variety PETPP material mist fog spray bottle easy to carry travel bottle
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Beauty Artisan / Beautiful Artisan ...
  • Color classification: 50ml transparent color 30ml blue 100ml transparent color 100ml blue 50ml blue 30ml transparent color
  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Packing Box
  • Beauty Tools Variety: Other
  • Brand: Beauty Artisan / Beautiful Artisan
  • Makeup / hairdressing tools single product: spray bottle
  • Effect: other / other
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • made in China
  • Shelf Life: None

NALA said

Each travel cosmetics make me a headache, miscellaneous cosmetics make-up too much backpack, and only two or three days with no need to take so many big bottles, and some boxes are often leaked a little less and can not be reconciled, each rope Wow ~ Well now, the beautiful craftsmen out of the bottling, all large and small get.

Product information
product name : Beautiful artisan spray bottle
Brand: Beautiful craftsman
Product Specifications: 30 ml 50 ml
Material: PET new environmental materials nozzle PP material
Suitable : Apply to pack toilet water, toner
Colour : Transparent blue
Product Features : High-quality plastic, fine workmanship, easy to carry
Tips : Do not install high temperature and pH too high substances; cleaning with cold water, do not use boiling water Favorite baby

Material Introduction:
PET plastic bottle surface smooth and shiny. Good abrasion resistance and dimensional stability, small wear and high hardness, with a great toughness in thermoplastic; non-toxic, weather resistance, chemical stability, low water absorption , Resistance to weak acid.

Product Features:
Small and lightweight, suitable for packaging all kinds of pure dew, flower water or make-up water, can carry, when the skin dry spray spray at any time, relieve dry skin, very easy to use.
Special Note :
Do not install high-temperature acid-base excessive liquid Oh ~ When cleaning with cold water on the line, do not use water Ha ~
1. The new bottle first bubble in a bubble in the water wash, the best salt water Oh ~ salt purifying effect.
2. After washing the required water into the spray bottle, tighten the bottle cap.
3. nozzle alignment need to use the place, press the bottle on the line friends ~

In-kind shooting

Beautiful artisan spray bottle , Simple environmental protection ~

For their own is a woman proud of Oh ~

30ml spray bottle about 10cm high

50ml spray bottle height of about 11cm

100ml spray bottle height of about 14cm

Spray bottles, can be used to install toner, toilet water, etc. ~

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