Conical twin screw extruder/twin screw extruder

Conical twin screw extruder/twin screw extruder

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Conical twin screw extruder/twin screw extruder-detailed description:
Qingdao section shengda plastic mechanical limited is located in Shandong province Jiaozhou, is main production plastic mechanical extrusion equipment of professional manufacturers, main products has: new environmental PE, PP, PVC wood plastic profile line, plastic hollow lattice Board line, PP-R hot and cold pipes line, PVC for drain, thread tube line, PE gas water tube line, hollow wall winding tube line, PVC transparent tablets material line, PP, PE, PVC, PC, ABS plastic Board tablets material, Wood-plastic plate extrusion line, wood-plastic building templates such as extrusion lines. We always follow ' honesty, ...

Conical twin screw extruder Features:
SJSZ series Conical twin screw Extruder is suitable for all kinds of PVC powder Special equipment for extrusion Equipped with different moulds and auxiliary. Can produce various kinds of PVC plastic pipe, profile, decoration plate, bar and granulation. Barrel cast aluminum heater coil heating and air cooling system cooling. Fast and uniform heat transfer, easy operation and maintenance and so on. Screw core cooling control system of the automatic cycle, improving efficiency. According to different formulas, preparation of a reasonable structure of screw, plasticization and logistics to achieve the best quality. Gearboxes, distribution box adopts imported bearing, imported oil seals, gears adopt 38CrMoAIA alloy steels, nitriding. Temperature control system for inlet temperature table, imported contactor control, temperature control precision of up to 1 ° c. Motor with AC motor, import or DC motor controlled by inverter. Electrical system has a number of fault alarm function, has a current protective device. Soft plastics design concept ensures the quality of the materials. Very reliable and effective design theory ensures the reliable operation of extrusion. Dedicated high torque drive system, gear, shaft for high strength alloy steel, carburized, tooth grinding treatment. Newly developed screw, can be applied to packing a high amount of formula feeding ensures good fill material in the screw and optimal allocation.

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Conical twin screw extruder/twin screw extruder
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