PVC drain line

PVC drain line

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PVC drain line - a detailed description:
Shengda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch is located in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, is a major producer of plastic extrusion machinery professional equipment manufacturers, the main products: a new environmentally friendly PE, PP, PVC wood-plastic profile production line, plastic hollow grid board production line, PP- R hot and cold water pipe production line, PVC water supply and drainage, threading pipe production line, PE gas supply pipe production line, hollow wall winding pipe production line, PVC transparent film material production line, PP, PE, PVC, PC, ABS plastic plate sheet, wood board sheet production line, WPC building template extrusion lines, etc. The company always follow the 'good faith, ...

PVC drain line PVC drainage pipe production line, PVC large-diameter pipe production line Features:

Unique screw design, the material in the machine barrel residence time is short, good mixing, plasticizing effect; high-quality gearbox, beautiful appearance, smooth running, low noise; barrel copper finned ceramic heater, air cooling system with heating, cooling effect is good, precise temperature control; vacuum exhaust system, can the material in the water and volatile gas emissions, improve the quality of products; main motor adopts thyristor DC converter or inverter , motor output torque stability, can realize stepless heat-sensitive material for PVC powder processing vacuum sizing device: Pipe vacuum spray tank, spray cooling tank pipe, and water contact parts adopt stainless steel material traction. Machine: two claws, four claws, six claws, octopus pipe tractor, to accommodate different pipe cutter production requirements: Chipless cutting blades, sawing, sawing planet (with chamfer) rigid PVC pipe expansion. Port equipment stacking device: automatically turn the plate or roller type stacking device has a variety of electrical control systems are available. (eg: PLC automatic control system), production stability, control is simple and easy to operate the company based on the user's requirements, with special. After the device can produce inner wall spiral pipe, wall hollow pipe and foam core pipe mill to replace the extruder, can produce other pipe materials PP, PE, ABS, PPR, PEX, silicon core pipe.

Production line model type Production pipe size pipe spec mm Extruder Extruder The largest extrusion capacity Max output kg / h Extruder Power Power
PVC63 20-63 SJSZ51 / 105 120 22
PVC160 63-160 SJSZ65 / 132 240 37
PVC250 75-250 SJSZ65 / 132 240 37
PVC315 200-315 SJSZ80 / 156 350 75
PVC450 200-450 SJSZ80 / 156 500 75
PVC630 315-630 SJSZ92 / 188 750 110
PVC800 400-800 SJP130 / 26 100-1300 160

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PVC drain line
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