Aluminum-plastic composite | Pipe production line

Aluminum-plastic composite | Pipe production line

Product description:

Aluminum-plastic composite (PPR stable) pipe production line-detailed description:
Qingdao section shengda plastic mechanical limited is located in Shandong province Jiaozhou, is main production plastic mechanical extrusion equipment of professional manufacturers, main products has: new environmental PE, PP, PVC wood plastic profile line, plastic hollow lattice Board line, PP-R hot and cold pipes line, PVC for drain, thread tube line, PE gas water tube line, hollow wall winding tube line, PVC transparent tablets material line, PP, PE, PVC, PC, ABS plastic Board tablets material, Wood-plastic plate extrusion line, wood-plastic building templates such as extrusion lines. We always follow ' honesty, ...

Aluminum-plastic composite (PPR stable) pipe production line Features: Qingdao shengda plastic machinery co production of aluminum-plastic composite (PPR stable) pipe production line of advanced technology: butt argon arc welding, weld tight and smooth, high production speed, product appearance and quality to meet United States standards; Import welding machine, aluminium tube roll-formed welded and cold drawn, continuous production, double gun converted welding, production is guaranteed for a long time, layer extrusion and mould replacement is simple and time, high yield. High grade configuration: hosts reducer, vertical welding machines, inkjet printers, inverter, DC, temperature controller, contactors and PCC control system and other important components used in all imported brand-name products, precise and reliable. Extrusion speed, temperature and product diameter for closed-loop automatic control quality and reliability: high grade configurations, innovation of product design, stringent manufacturing processes, improved detection methods and quality assurance system. A high degree of automation: the whole line by Austria beijialai PCC programmable computer control system, offers an interactive workstation and two from standing, extrusion, film speed, temperature, diameter of a closed-loop control, control system uses a Chinese language interface, the operation is very simple. A multi-purpose machines: the production line can produce aluminum-plastic tube, and cross-linked polyethylene pipes and PP pipe production. Online testing advanced: production line equipped with laser caliper and through the primary control station on the outer diameter of the finished product to automatically monitor and control, Eddy current Tester and inkjet printer linked to the aluminum tube weld seam testing, marking. To produce high quality products, provide a reliable guarantee.

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Aluminum-plastic composite (PPR stable) pipe production line
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