Supermarket Rui Baijia | advanced non-woven compressed facial mask | 10 Mei | paper mask | paste clothes

 Supermarket Rui Baijia | advanced non-woven compressed facial mask | 10 Mei | paper mask | paste clothes

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Beauty tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: paper mask
  • Brand: REBEKAH / Rui Bojia
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: Compression mask

Hong Kong Canaan International (Group) Co., Ltd. is operating a professional makeup beauty accessories company since 2000, to develop a set of specially designed for the Chinese domestic market to mirror comb hair accessories, beauty products, home appliances category, travel articles and other supplies as the theme of the series, now has 'Rui Baijia', 'too clean', 'La La', 'Reina' well-known brands.
The set of products since its launch in July 2000, immediately received as Tesco, Carrefour, Watsons, PARKnSHOP, Vanguard, easy to buy, James Hill, 711, Wanning, family and other well-known international company's favor, and gradually become similar products in its major supplier.
In line with the business development of the domestic market and a full-service system, the company gradually set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Harbin, Shenyang branch offices, are responsible for the central, northern and southern business district, and in 2004 sales Corporation and set up a logistics center in Shanghai.

product name
REBEKAH Ruibai Jia compression mask

Product specifications
10 into
product quality Non-woven
Shelf Life 3 years
Origin of goods China
product manual
Medium thickness, easy to carry, use, just put one in the liquid, then natural expansion, open for the public after the face is a mask of paper. Use paper mask is very extensive, through its subsidiary, to skin care the effect is only applied daily to several times the efficacy of skin care products; mask partakers clean and maintenance-type, no matter what kind of mask, its principle is actually a short time blocking skin contact with the external environment, so that the skin surface temperature increase, Loosen the pores, soften sebum and aging skin so loose (to clean the role); because micro-thermal effect, so that nutrients accelerate penetration into the skin, the stratum corneum water filling, water nutrition to achieve the ultimate goal if you use cream, DIY. nutrition, etc., can use slightly thicker paper mask, which is to strengthen airtight, and secondly is usually this type of nutrition doctrinal paper mask will help adhesion penetration; if you use a real flower water, lotion etc., may be appropriate to choose some thin paper mask, paper mask because by carrying water molecules are essentially direct penetration of the stratum corneum, the replenishment effect is very clear.
Special Note Avoid close to the fire
As part of the packaging more frequent replacement, so you receive the goods packaging may not be fully consistent with the picture, you receive the goods in kind prevail, thereby causing inconvenience to you, a lot of understanding, thank you!