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Wigs short hair | real hair sets of women in the elderly mother wig | middle-aged fashion repair the whole face wig

Wigs short hair | real hair sets of women in the elderly mother wig | middle-aged fashion repair the whole face wig
Product code: 22803000030
Unit price 13.91-50.85$
Sold quantity 5125
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: excellent odd B-01
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: B-01
  • Color classification: real hair - large size 'natural black' to send five-piece real hair - the code 'dark brown' to send five-piece matte silk - large 'natural black' send five real hair - Five-piece 'dark brown' sending five-piece matte silk - medium 'dark brown' sending five-piece real hair - large code 'dark brown' to send five Sets of matte silk - the code 'natural black' to send five sets
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Hair

Support seven days no reason to return, we can rest assured to buy!

For the first time wearing pro wigs need more research, wigs are not plastic

Not just put up, and hair are needed to take care of themselves and finishing

We use the models without facial features to shoot the hair of the physical map, this section of the wig for all groups (20 - 80 years are suitable for wear)

About size selection: There are two numbers: head circumference 58CM medium, head circumference 60CM large. The difference is not particularly large. Each section has elastic band and adjust the buckle, elastic can also be fine-tuned (how to know themselves or family head Tell the pro-easiest measurement method: starting from the eyebrows, the amount of a circle around the circumference.) If there is no ruler or do not give the amount of size, the general choice of medium-sized 58CM more popular.

Note: This section of the baby in two colors
Natural black /Dark brown

Real cost-effective for money!

Quality Assurance, Buy is to earn

Hair after special treatment, proper maintenance Hair 5 years will not dry impatient! (For the effect of the product part will add a little volume of wire stereotypes)

100% in-kind shooting effect map! Pirates of the map must study!
After receipt of the goods have to wear finishing problems can consult us at any time, we have professional after-sales customer service can teach parents to take care of Oh

New to the MM do not blindly search on the Internet than cheaper

Blindly reduce costs, the quality of the goods itself is unreasonable, any dispensers are not a fool, do loss-making business, any one factory to reduce costs can only be made from the material, work hard, in front of a few days of cheap + wear time, You can prove poor, parents have to learn to calculate the smart account, do not buy a bunch can not wear out, wear out have to quality, quality are excellent of.

This section of the wig really made, you can hot dye, you can also use the curling rods from the new shape, you can do strenuous exercise, breathability is very good, can be worn all year round!

Model Wear: The following is a model wearing effect, each person's face shape, color, age and care methods are not the same, there will be another effect, but will be the same as natural lifelike (the figure even for the owner himself, anyone without consent Do not steal.)

This section features : This wig applies to any face, whether it is a round face, oval face or a large fat face to wear very beautiful! The most important is equivalent to other styles to wear more simple, do not need so high care skills! Real wigs novice entry Good choice!

Similar to the egg roll of hair after people look even more young,

Fluffy and not old-fashioned! Simply let you young 10 years of age!

Quanzhen hair hair production, following the top of the heart of the real shot down the unique process to make the top of the heart more fluffy

Even if the close-up observation can not see is wearing a wig Oh!

Buyers must see :Really made to do when the need for uniform dyeing, it is inevitable that there are a few resistance to the white hair is not infected, because it will face resistance to resistance to white hair color is very difficult, so a few white hair is not good to avoid their own hands Then a few white hair pulled out OK, this product is in high temperature under special circumstances dyeing, it can not own light-colored such as yellow, but can do dark, please do not try to do light-colored, do not have dark problems

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