Both sides of the thickening wig | Free geopositioning hot | replacement hair real hair piece hair piece Seamless pad fringe of hair

Both sides of the thickening wig | Free geopositioning hot | replacement hair real hair piece hair piece Seamless pad fringe of hair

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent odd sides thickening
  • Brand: excellent Qi
  • Wig single product: both sides of the thickening
  • Color Classification: a total of about 2 - natural black a total of about two - a total of about two dark brown - light brown Monolithic - Monolithic natural black - dark brown chip - light brown monolithic longer thicker section [-] Natural Black monolithic longer thicker section [-] dark longer thicker section [chip - light brown] longer thicker section - a total of about two - light brown longer thicker section - a total of about two - natural black longer thicker section - a total of about two - dark brown black dark brown light brown flaxen chestnut color gold / yellow
  • Wig bangs Category: Other / other
  • Hair material: real hair

Rapid changes in hair fall flat, in the issuance of a small amount of hair on both sides of sheet! Let becomes fluffy hair naturally, but also to change the head-oh!

OUR all live-action show, welcome to the pro shop around, the high quality materials and read reviews to know the immediate effect of low activity monolithic 38 yuan! Buy now wear special gift that is a small steel comb and a mirror! only the top 300, end of the event back to the original price!

friendly reminder:

Want long points may choose long paragraph long paragraph connection : (Click the link to open)

If parents who want more fluffy point, you can take two more, or buy a thicker section!

committed to 7 days no reason to package returned, it can be hot dyeable

This product Hair texture is sanitized plus tempering particularly good, the seller is generally no!!!

Texture: 100% real hair production, smooth texture, light, can be dyed, bleaching, hot curling, straightening also!

Reminder: Shooting may be because of the color of light, angle, display, etc. may be the original color is slightly different, can not accept the color of friends, please be careful to buy Oh.

Thickening of hair on both sides of a sheet 'magical 'Inner issuance

Rapidly changing Flat head collapse, sparse hair volume, the first type does not look good~~~~

100% free to make real hair dyed hot secondary shape

Tips: real hair products inevitably a little gray hair very mind MM carefully shot

Our pictures are all taken in kind pro who can buy! Pirates of the map carefully

Note: This baby is the same as two hair piece, casual wear around, because shipping packaging, need to roll up the hair piece, so parents who received the goods, if found to be not straight, please clip straight splint, or hair dryer blowing straight down. Thank you feeling back of the head hair is less pro can also buy three behind wearing a Oh!

- Thickening on both sides of the replacement piece (full head type) -

Girls on 100% quality really hair supple and healthy

Help pro Solve hair fall flat / sparse hair volume is not full / head shape does not look good and other common problems Easily leave hair troubles.

We are committed to high-quality selection of hair without the addition of inferior hair as charged!!!

1: first his hair combed backwards part of the Indian sub-own hair can be secured with a clamp about ~!

2: As shown, after the additional sheet clamp open directly on the card itself hair (additional sheet is very light, so do not hurt your own hair)

3: on both sides card ~

4: reserved for his original hair down just fine!

use 100% real hair girls Make

Comprehensive disinfection, to ensure smooth flexible hair shiny, supple hair

Feel fine and shiny, frizz cleaning is not

After wearing the matter from that point of view it is not apparent!

If parents who want more fluffy point, you can take two more Oh! Oh elongated thickened or buy!

New Kazakhstan, particularly useful on both sides of the issuance of the new block! Very affordable ha, the original has a lot of MM to ask us, there is no way to get short hair hair becomes fluffy, cool! Many MM are to perm, hair One can imagine the degree of injury, but also hurt the hair, a new section, what you but so what!

This is a rapidly changing hair fall flat, in the issuance of a small amount of hair on both sides of sheet! Let hair becomes fluffy, so naturally the first type of change! Monolithic'll use when bangs Oh! More usage and other pro-try!

To create the perfect hairstyle

Youthful shape ~

100% real hair dye can be hot! All natural as a precondition.

Master ball head ball first 7 days no reason to package returned

With this replacement piece, the pro who do not Peng in hot Oh! Five minutes can make changes inexpensive real hair can be dyed hot arbitrary shape! Used pro say good, do not like not satisfied 7Days no reason to return! We guarantee taken in kind, like the parents to see to know! Good quality is the last word!

Ordinary paragraph Real shot pictures

Reminder: Shop all the pictures taken in kind by, parents can rest assured purchase. Pirates of the map carefully! Wig possible because of the color of the shooting light, angle, display, etc. may cause a certain color, the treasurer will try to minimize chromatic aberration, totally unacceptable color friend, please buy carefully Oh.

friendly reminder: Our hair is sterilized skim through a special production process. Sometimes produce a few gray hairs, this wig industry is unavoidable. Because it is real hair material appear white hair. When we ship will be checked once, if they receive the pro there is also white hair goods, please spare unplug like! does not affect the use of oh ~

1. This paragraph Ages: all girlfriends, some of the influx of men can try oh ^ _ ^!

2. The advantage of this paragraph: the first type fall flat, soft hair, short hair is not Punta person can use!

3: hair perm especially hurt the hair, but also hurt the body is not completely with this problem.!

Catches behind the products show

(Tips: the inside of the clip are ordinary paragraph three, oh, lengthened thickened only two character was shaped.)

South Korea accessories factory production Kazi, Kazi cost about 0.9 yuan one, four clips is 3.6 yuan, why use such a good clip, the reason is very simple, is to buy this product guests already fragile hair, it is necessary to use good catches do not cause secondary damage!

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