Thickening wig on both sides | hot-free positioning | make-up film hair real hair no trace pad hair patch in the hair Liu

Thickening wig on both sides | hot-free positioning | make-up film hair real hair no trace pad hair patch in the hair Liu

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Youqi both sides thickening
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs a single product: thickening on both sides
  • Dark brown monolithic - dark brown monolithic - light brown long thicker paragraph 'monolithic - natural black' - a total of two black - Lengthened thick section 'single - dark brown' extended thickening models 'single - light brown' extended thickening models - about a total of two - light brown extended thicker models - about a total of two - natural black extended thicker models - A total of two left and right - dark brown black dark brown light brown linen chestnut color gold / yellow
  • Hair wig Category: Others
  • Hair material: real hair

Rapid change hair flat collapse, hair on both sides of the hair within the film! Let the hair become fluffy and natural, but also change the head type Oh!

Shop all live show, to welcome you pro shop around, the quality of the quality and material to see evaluation to know from now on special activities from single 38 yuan! Buy now that is donated to wear special small steel comb and make-up mirror one! Only the top 300, the end of the event back to the original price!

friendly reminder:

Want to choose a long point of long models, super-long section of the connection : (Click on the link to open)

If the pro want to be more fluffy, you can take two more, or buy thicker models!

committed to 7 days no reason to package returned, can be hot can be dyed

This product Is the result of disinfection and hair texture treatment is particularly good, is the general seller does not have!

Texture: 100% real hair production, texture smooth, bright, can be stained, drift, hot curls, but also straighten!

Reminder: The color of the shooting may be due to light, angle, display and other reasons may be slightly different with the original color, can not accept the color of the friend carefully buy Oh.

Thick hair on both sides of a film 'magical 'Of the issuance

Rapidly changing Head flat collapse, hair volume scarce, the first type does not look good~~~~

100% real hair can be free to make the secondary molding

Tips: real hair products is bound to a little white hair is very concerned about the MM Shen shot

Our pictures are all kind of pro-pro who can rest assured to buy! Pirates chart carefully

Note: This baby is the same piece of two films, casual wear around, because the shipping packaging problems, hair pieces need to roll up, so pro who received the goods are not found if the straight, please clamp straight, or hair dryer Blowing straight down. Thank you feel the back of the head hair are also less pro-3 can also buy back to wear a piece of Oh!

- Thickening of both sides of the replacement patch (full head type) -

100% quality girl really hair soft and supple

Help pro Completely solve the hair flat / hair volume is not full / head type does not look good and other common problems Easy to bid farewell to hair troubles.

We are committed to selected high - quality hair does not add poor hair this charge!

1: first comb their own hair part of the back, printed! Their hair can be fixed with a clip ~

2: The following chart, the additional pieces of the clip is opened, the direct card in their own hair (hair piece is very light, this will not hurt your own hair)

3: both sides of the card after the ~

4: the original set aside their hair down just fine!

use 100% true girl hair Production

All-round disinfection, to ensure smooth and shiny hair rich glossy, soft hair

Feel fine and shiny, clean and not frizz

After wearing no matter from that point of view are not out of!

If the pro want to be more fluffy, you can take two more Oh! Or buy thicker lengthened Oh!

Ha, there are a lot of MM to ask us, short hair there is no way to make the hair changed the Pompon, a type! A lot of MM are to perm hair, hair quality is very good, The degree of injury can be imagined, but also very bad hair, this section on the new, we also so what!

This is a can quickly change the hair flat collapsed, both sides of the hair inside the hair piece! Let the hair become fluffy, so that the first type of natural change! Monocular can also be used when the fringe Oh! More usage and other pro-try!

To create the perfect hairstyle

Shaping the youth atmosphere ~

100% full real hair can be hot to dye! All natural premise.

The main ball head ball first seven days no reason to pack returned

With this replacement film, parents are not in the hot inner Oh! Five minutes to change the real cheap hair can be made really hot hair can be dyed casual style! Used pro who say good, do not like dissatisfaction 7No reason to retreat! We guarantee physical shooting, like the pro to see to know! Good quality is the last word!

Ordinary section Real shot pictures

Reminder: The photographed wig color may be due to light, angle, display and other reasons may cause a certain color, the treasurer as far as possible to minimize the color difference, the color of the wig, Completely unacceptable color of friends, please be careful to buy Oh.

friendly reminder: Our hair through a special sterilization degreasing process. Sometimes produce a few white hair, which is the wig industry can not be avoided. Because it is real hair material will appear white hair. We will check once shipped, if the pro received Of the goods there are white hair, please pull out like you! Does not affect the use of the oh ~ ~

1. This paragraph for age: all girlfriends, some tide men can also try Oh. ^ _ ^!

2. The advantages of this paragraph: head flat collapse, hair soft, short hair is not Peng people can use!

3: hair perm hair particularly hurt hair, but also hurt the body with this is not a problem!

Product display behind the clip

(Tips: ordinary section of the inside of the clip is three oh, lengthened thickening only two.

Accessories clip for the Korean factory production, clip cost is 0.9 yuan a 4 clip is 3.6 yuan, why use such a good clip, the reason is very simple, is to buy this product guests hair is fragile, it is necessary to use Do not cause a good clip secondary injury!

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