Soy protein concentrate

Soy protein concentrate

Product description:

Shandong three-dimensional Group [1] Founded in 1988 by mid-August by the Shandong-D Oil Group Corporation, Shandong long-run biological Co., Ltd. Shandong soy protein three-dimensional, three-dimensional beverage factory in Shandong, Qingdao Jane too Health Products Co., Ltd., Rizhao sea oil Co., Ltd. Linyi three-dimensional construction, Shandong soybean deep processing of three-dimensional Institute founded by more than a dozen members of the unit in 2002, the business scope mainly involves soybean processing, biotechnology, health food, soy protein, construction and other fields The Group's total assets of 1.2 billion, has a staff of two thousand people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel two hundred.

Protein Product Introduction

Three-dimensional functional soy protein concentrates contain high calcium and dietary fiber, low sodium having water retention at high temperatures, oil retention, and therefore flexible, can be added directly emulsified meat paste. Also has frost resistance, can be used for frozen meatballs and Add seafood proteins. Functional defatted soy protein different from other soy products, primarily through improved protein molecules, the original hidden in the role of globin gene, the gene that is hydrophilic, hydrophobic gene exposed, is a protein molecule Functional greatly increased, namely emulsification, oil, water retention, adhesion, etc. gel and greatly increased, wherein the functional features of a protein molecule comparable unmodified protein molecules increase 1.2 to 1.5 times.

Functional soy protein concentrate Physical indicators



Protein content

≥68% (N*6.25)







The total amount of fiber


Nitrogen solubility index (NSI)


CSP (protein in water and oil absorption ratio, namely powder: Water: Oil)

Depending on the product set


100 mesh (98% passing)

Total number of colonies

30000 / g


25 mg every negative


Not Detected