1.Detailed Product Description

1.Detailed Product Description

Product description:

1. Detailed Product Description

Fiber Optic tool;
Longitudinal Cable or Optical Cable Stripping Apparatus;
stripping: dia. 6-12mm or dia. 12-25mm

2. Detailed Description:

fiber optical cable stripper (vertical) Fiber optical tester ( Optical power meter, Fusion splicer and OTDR etc )
Data communication tester ; ( 2M E1 Tester, ADSL2+Tester, CATV Analyzer )

3. Specifications:
1) According to optic cable or cable diameter, user can select stripping tool NO. 1 dia.
6-12mm or NO. 2 dia. 12-25mm.

2) The depth of blade can be adjusted based on the wall thickness of optical cable or
electric cable. Two blades can be adjusted at the same time, clockwise for deeper
and counterclockwise for upper. Screw nut rotates one turn is 1mm.
there is 4 gears in 1turn and each is 0.25mm.

3) The thickness of optic cable or cable striped vertically is defined by its need.
When optic cable or cable is put into well-regulated tool, close main body, grasp tool bar tightly with two hands and
pull out of optic cable or cable forcefully. The optic cable or cable is stripped vertically.

4) The optic cable or cable in diameter 17mm is hard. If it can not be stripped at first.
it is completed to turn the cool at other direction strip once more.

5) The type used in machine: the string tool is fixed at machine seat on production line.
put optic cable or cable into the tool. The upper body holds down the optical cable or
cable when it was put in the tool, the depth of blade can be adjusted according to the
wall thickness of cable after the screw nuts at both ends were locked, and then strip off.