Measuring Wheel

Measuring Wheel

Product description:

General Description

These heavyduty measuring wheels are best suited for outdoor use, recording long distances over
a variety of surfaces, including rough terrain. Their lightweight design eases handling and reduce fatigue.
They are capableof counting to 100000 meters or 100000 feet depending on the model chosen.
The large bright counter enhances visibility, and the folding handle reduces storage space.
These models are widely used for estimating by contractors , surveyors, agriculturalists.
landscapers, real estate agents, and accident investigators.


Figures 6 figures, 6mm. High Accuracy 99%

Reset Push knob Weight 2 kg

Extended Size 1 meter Storage Size 0.6 meter

Wheel Size Wheel has a diameter of 318 mm, circumference of 1 meter.

Models Description

JC316 1m. , 99999.9m. , curved handle, with stand

JC316 (ft) 1 ft. , 99999 ft. 11 in. , curved handle, with stand

JC316Aor B 1m. , 99999.9m. , curved handle, with stand and backward lock

JC316A or B (ft) 1 ft. , 99999 ft. 11 in. , curved handle, with stand and backward lock

Discription of Features

1. Measurement to 100000m. or 100000ft.

2. Reliable steel structure

3. Curved handle with convenient kickstand

4. Sold in durable carry/ storage bag

5. 1-year limited warranty

Using your wheel

1. Extend the handle . Push the colour-pipe down to lock the handle.

2. Step the kickstand down so the wheel stands freely . Push counter reset lever .
Walk with wheel.


1. Press the handle a little lower to flip the kickstand up.

2. Draw back up the colour-pipe and fold down the handle. Click it.

3. Pack wheel in bag.