Supply Dongguan automatic lathes / automatic lathes manufacturers / CNC lathe offer

Supply Dongguan automatic lathes / automatic lathes manufacturers / CNC lathe offer

Product description:

Material: 303 Origin: Dongguan Size: 3/9
Uses: Electronic

Dongguan Tai Shen Hardware Machinery specializing in precision machining automatic lathe car parts. CNC car parts stamping parts processing. Specialized hardware electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette screw collar. Male, female, outside the teeth diameter, inside diameter dental atomization sets, the thimble, lower thimble, chassis, cover, connected sets, atomizing tube, long exposure, short exposure, cigarette holder I. tubing and other hardware accessories electronic cigarette.
CNC lathe precision riveted class. Appliances connector. Potentiometer. Jewellery category. Stylus capacitive pen. Stylus motor shaft plugs, screw nuts, fasteners, standard parts, non-standard parts. Toys Electronic type fasteners and other products processing. Foreign professional design automatic automatic lathes secondary processing machine. sectional bad machine, milling flat machine. Drills Precision machining equipment for a variety of shaft / sleeve-type parts (such as motor shaft, printer copier shaft, various types of electronic communications products and tuning shaft axis hinge shaft core), electronic products radiator, power plug pins, lighting and other products precision parts. machining parts regardless of the material (various metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and non-metallic pieces), shape (such as shaft / sleeve type, rectangular type, regular polygon class, irregular shape classes), our company can develop customized for customer product requirements.

This product is suitable for processing aluminum, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal parts of various materials, machine PLC program control and hydraulic drive, high accuracy, good stability, automatic one-time completion. Phone 13798464783 Yang Health yangwei925 @ 163. com Website http: // yangwei258