Supply automatic lathe parts .CNC member

Supply automatic lathe parts .CNC member

Product description:

Brand: name Yang Model: TS-ZD1525 Main motor power: 1.5 (kw) (kw)
Exercise: point and linear control Processing size range: 15-20 (mm) (mm) Spindle speed range: 550.480.600 (mm) (rpm)
Number of tools: 5 Working forms: car Control: open-loop control
Control system: Mitsubishi Layout of the form: Horizontal Engine Type: Mechanical transmission
Usage: metal cutting Scope: Private Applicable industries: Stainless Steel Products
Product Type: new Whether the stock: Yes

Appropriate materials: copper, aluminum, cutting steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel rods.

Applicable industries: sanitary equipment, and where, gas, electronics, electrical appliances, optical instruments, motor vehicles, air hydraulic components, bicycles, machinery, hardware, sewing machines, musical instruments, business machines.

Uniaxial five knives precision lathes: spindle and tool holders: Spindle special steel carburizing heat treatment and precision grinding, the use of oil-free set, bearing the SNK imported bearings, can greatly improve the life of the spindle five groups. tool, in addition to be used under a knife eighth special circumstances. with trimming the working material to achieve high precision screw, skateboarding is the use of advanced robust cast iron, specially treated sliding surface grinding.
Two shaft means: Japan Kamioka clutch electromagnetic clutch tapping spindle drive, using high-speed rotary mechanical difference in the same direction of spindle rotation were tapping processing, two-axis can swing transform processing, reaming, drilling deep holes, inside attack, outside the teeth can simultaneously process is completed.
Cam and cam: its speed can be divided into 15, using a plate cam path cutting, axial cutting when using bell-cam, cam shaft in the middle of the journal can be punished for two, to facilitate the replacement of the cam, so that the combined transformation in short time to complete, high efficiency, can be converted into a hand with the need to rotate.
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