Supply automatic lathe processing car parts / lighting and other products precision parts processing / electronic products processing

Supply automatic lathe processing car parts / lighting and other products precision parts processing / electronic products processing

Product description:

Processing Product Category: Electronics Daily processing capacity: 10 million Processing equipment: automatic lathes
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Wan Tai Shen Hardware Machinery. Since start-up companies since 2005, with previous device, after a year of efforts to quality. Credibility is the principle of steady development, with talent, professional skills, sound management system, pious pursuit of excellence, perfection !!
Thai Shin hardware professional automatic lathes external processing. In the development, design, production in one of a variety of hardware accessories manufacturers. The company mainly produces hardware, electronics, watches, jewelry, plastics, toys, telecommunications and other industries in the production of environmentally friendly accessories stainless steel precision axles, copper feet, terminals, copper nails, aluminum nails, nails, screws, nails car, axles, rachis, miniature axis, the optical axis, watches, environmental protection copper beads, steel core, copper tablets, tablets stainless steel All kinds of sophisticated micro-small pieces of metal shaft sleeve, precision brass, hoop, needle shaft, connectors for car parts and other metal shaft connecting member high-precision automatic car system! Main products: terminal pin, jack, electronics plug-in, the phone nut, computer screws, pins, micro shaft, shaft, needle shaft, micro-metal shaft, motor shaft, the shaft connector accessories, watches screws, strap accessories, eyewear precision lathe accessories, miniature pieces of screws, all kinds of special miniature stainless steel brass pieces, micro-electronic parts and other precision lathe automatic lathes axis of various micro car, the minimum cutting diameter can be copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other micro-machining parts !! 0.3MM-5.0MM within
Professional stainless steel capillary, smaller diameter pipe, industrial pipe, Pen, the antenna, 304F / 316L with magnetic or without magnetic, corrosive strong, mainly used for metal, electronic toys, watches and clocks, jewelry
Quality, integrity 'Thai Shin broaden the market to participate in market competition, service to our customers, seeking to guide further development of the old customers is the basis of Tai Shen, Shen Tai new customers is the driving force. I will continue to rationalize prices, etc., to provide quality products and efficient service. With our good faith. Good quality and technical services, have outstanding business performance in order to create a permanent re-sale !!
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