Supply secondary processing machine / automatic sectional edge milling machine / automatic drilling tapping chamfering machine / secondary processing machine

Supply secondary processing machine / automatic sectional edge milling machine / automatic drilling tapping chamfering machine / secondary processing machine

Product description:

Custom processing: Brand: Tai Shen Model: TSL-PAR
Main motor power: 1HP, 0.75KW (kw) Weight: 500 (kg) The maximum bore diameter: 25.4mm (can be changed as needed) (mm)
Working accuracy: 0.02 Table size: LxWxH) (cm) Uses: After automatic lathes and milling flat product shaft required, specific models of milling, with the vibration can be all from work late for machining parts Material lead, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal processing.
Sectional groove parallel cutting, milling surface: Type Forms of work: Milling Control Type: NC
Layout of the form: Vertical Power Type: Hydraulic For industry: hardware, electronics various shaft parts
Product Type: new Whether the stock: Yes

Our main manufacturing automatic lathe processing subsequent car parts precision machining equipment: Such as longer single, bilateral or feed milling surface intermediate cross grooves (parallel cutting, D-type surface, parallel to the surface, slotted, long holes, cross cutting (within the range of adjustable angle of 90 degrees, such as cross slot, acute face or groove etc.), drilling (angle of 90 degrees is adjustable, and the milling hole axis parallel or perpendicular to the plane or angle acute angle), reaming, tapping, chamfering, necking (such as a cross slot or slotted etc.) etc. for a variety of shaft / sleeve-type parts (such as motor shaft, printer copier shaft, various types of electronic communications products and tuning shaft axis hinge shaft core), electronic products radiator, power plug pins, lighting and other products precision accessories. workpiece material, whether (a variety of metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and non-metallic pieces), shape (such as shaft / sleeve type, rectangular type, regular polygon class, irregular shape classes), our company can be for customers development of customized product requirements. This series is mainly mechanical action components of high quality ductile iron and steel imports, after aging and surface high-frequency processing, to artificial precision grinding dovetail, eliminate stress, reduce deformation, wear resistance, good orientation mechanical smooth running, durable; process control implemented by the import programmable controller, convenient setting, manual, semi-automatic smooth operation; transmission components used in Taiwan or Japan, motors, bearings, pumps, pneumatic components, etc., to ensure long time stable operation and low noise, easy Tarun speed setting; leakproof self overload short circuit protection device, safe and reliable basis for different processing materials, the choice of vibrating feeder, processing efficiency 2-15 / min for high-volume requirements. high parts processing, save labor, increase efficiency, reduce non-performing rate automatic lathe processing subsequent car parts precision machining equipment 90 Cross automatic milling flat slotting machine automatic drilling dedicated machine. Automatic triaxial drilling machine Automatic flat cutting machine automatic milling flat machine. Automatic indexing slot milling flat machine Shenzhen automatic milling flat machine. Shanghai automatic milling flat machine. Suzhou flat automatic milling machine. Nanjing automatic milling flat machine. Nantong automatic milling flat machine. Xiamen automatic milling flat machine Qingdao automatic milling flat machine. Changsha flat automatic milling machine. Chongqing automatic milling flat machine. Guangdong automatic milling flat machine. Zhejiang automatic milling flat machine. Wenzhou automatic milling flat machine. Hangzhou automatic milling flat machine. Beijing automatic milling flat machine Shandong Auto Dalian milling flat automatic milling flat machine. Haimen automatic milling flat machine. Jiangmen automatic milling flat machine. Foshan automatic milling flat machine. Dongguan automatic milling flat machine. Jiangsu automatic milling flat machine. Hebei automatic milling flat machine Liaoning automatic milling flat machine, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei, Fujian, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Shanxi automatic milling flat machine Anhui, Inner Mongolia automatic milling flat machine Jilin automatic milling flat machine automatic milling flat machine Guangxi automatic milling flat machine Tianjin Auto Jiangxi milling flat machine automatic milling flat machine Shaanxi, Yunnan automatic milling flat machine automatic milling flat machine Xinjiang automatic milling flat machine Guizhou, Gansu flat automatic milling machine. Hainan flat automatic milling machine. Tibet flat automatic milling machine. Wuxi automatic milling flat machine. Jiangyin automatic milling flat machine. Changshu automatic milling flat machine. Yancheng automatic milling flat machine. Shantou flat automatic milling machine. Huizhou automatic milling flat machine. Qingyuan flat automatic milling machine. Zhongshan flat automatic milling machine. Ningbo automatic milling flat machine Jiaxing flat automatic milling machine. Shaoxing flat automatic milling machine. Taizhou automatic milling flat machine