Automatic multiaxial | tapping machines

Automatic multiaxial | tapping machines

Product description:

Whether to provide custom processing: It is Types of: other
Brand: Tai Shen model: Non-standard nut tapping machine
weight: 250 (kg) Spindle speeds: 5
Spindle speed range: 50HZ 1340760420 60HZ 1600900500 (rpm) Drilling diameter range: M1.4 ~ M20 threading (mm)
Power Type: Hydraulic pressure Main motor power: 3-phase 1HP 4P (kw)
Forms of work: Diamond Layout of the form: Horizontal
Scope: dedicated Applicable industries: Aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper alloy products, computer sheet metal shell, chassis, punch secondary processing products, lighting category, automobile precision parts, electronics, hardware, electric pneumatic tools, sanitary equipment classes, etc.
Product Type: brand new Whether the inventory: It is

Automatic multi-axis tapping machine details
Gear teeth from the automatic tapping machine: mass production and high precision products, requires tapping processing can be applied such as: aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper alloy products, computer sheet metal shell, chassis, secondary punch processing products, like lighting, automobile precision parts, electronics, hardware, electric pneumatic tools, sanitary equipment type, etc., can be used with 2-24 axis movable and fixed multi-axis and multi-axis indexing plate to increase productivity, save time and effort can be machined parts according to customer needs, planning, design and manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic drilling and tapping Cutting Machine. Brastel Lu has consistently adhered to high quality, the concept of excellence, to provide our clients the best machinery, and to ensure the best possible service, remove all your worries success stories: 1, computer sheet metal fourteen axis automatic tapping machines, machining range: 220 * 360 270 * 330 270 * 480, etc. 2, PC Sheet metal twenty four-axis automatic tapping machines, machining range: 270 * 480 410 * 480 and so on.
Automatic multi-axis tapping machine features: multi-axis tapping for parts, gear tapping machine, the installation of multi-axis adjustable, which can be completed quickly once the feed while tapping dozens of holes, universal transmission section and the output shaft is coupled with quick change connection, suitable for different parts machining holes, the tapping machine with ultra-effective features. All are imported multi-axis, high precision, low failure rate can also be customized according to customer requirements dozens axis.
Processing: Multi-axis drilling (multi-axis drilling machines, long drill), multi-axis tapping machine (multi-axis tapping machine) can process valves, valve caps, nuts, bolts, crankcase, shaft alien wheel, car adjusting arm, compressor (bracket, balance blocks, cylinder head front cover), flange injection hole, gear motor flange-sided multi-axis multi-axis drilling and tapping, bearing in hole sewing machine housing etc. One conventional multi-axis drilling + drilling can be an ordinary one to a few dozen or even twenty or threaded holes out one-time processing can be automatically fast forward, work into (workers back), rewind, stop. Chengzhao various regions of multi-spindle dealers. Sincerely! desk-type lead screw tapping machine, the ease of lifting spindle head, according to customer stepless, variable-grade Si Dang, set the maximum speed tapping tapping capacity M25. Spindle Stroke: 80mm spindle taper: MT3 spindle nose to base distance: 300-750mm uniaxial Maximum tapping capacity: M25 Table effective size range: 500mm spindle speed: 100-1200rpm total weight:. 590kg automatic multi-axis tapping machine Details : (original function) device specific automatic feeding, feed, tapping, discharge of functions; (new feature) device during operation, may have broken taps, artificial misuse drain tap (general tapping machine Tapping the product yield and drain lumped together) has greatly increased the artificial selection of the time, the machine is now to increase this feature, the product yield and adverse separate equipment to ensure that 100 percent qualified products scope: all kinds of hardware products Tapping , phone tapping nut, rivet nut tapping and distinguish the product qualified to detect specific parameters are as follows: power: 1.2 ~ 2KW / H Power: 380V / 50HZ equipment Uses: Suitable for manufacturing nut tapping, detection range: M1 .4 ~ M20

Shenzhen Tai Shen Hardware Machinery
Our professional precision machining automatic lathe car parts .CNC car parts stamping parts processing. Professional automatic lathes, CNC lathe precision riveted, electrical appliances, jewelry, toys, electronics and other products processing fasteners. Foreign professional Design of automatic lathes secondary processing machine automatic sectional bad machine, milling flat machine drilling machine precision machining equipment:.... such as longer single, bilateral or feed milling surface intermediate cross groove (type D parallel cutting surface, parallel to the surface, a shaped groove, long hole, cross cutting (within the range of adjustable angle of 90 degrees, such as cross slot, acute face or ducts), within drilling range (adjustable angle of 90 degrees, and the hole axis milling or parallel or perpendicular to the surface angle acute angle), reaming, tapping, chamfering, necking (such as a cross slot or slotted etc.) applicable to a variety of shaft / sleeve-type parts (such as motor shaft, printer copier shaft, various types Electronic communications products and tuning shaft axis hinge shaft core), electronic products radiator, power plug pins, lighting and other products precision parts. machining parts regardless of the material (various metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and non-metallic parts), shapes (such as shaft / sleeve type, rectangular type, regular polygon class, irregular shape classes), our company can develop customized for customer product requirements.

This product is suitable for processing aluminum, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal parts of various materials, machine PLC program control and hydraulic drive, high accuracy, good stability, automatic one-time completion. Phone 13798464783 Yang Health yangwei925 @ 163. com Website http:... // yangwei258 cn alibaba com / video http: // user_show / id_UMzUzOTgyMjY4 html.

TSL-PAR flat cutting machine (automatic milling flat machine)
1. Mechanical structure: The machine reasonable structure, superior performance, are ideal for metal processing industry processing machinery The machine base is made of high-quality casting, precision grinding spindle track after the high frequency heat treatment, wear resistance, accuracy and stability.
2. Suitable for processing: After the automatic lathe and milling flat products car system needs, specific models of milling, with vibration-hours can be all self-operating for machining parts Material lead, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal processing.

3. Power Description:
Suitable for processing parts material: lead, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal knife (main) motor 2HPx4P / 1HPx4P
Machining parts Size: according to the processing needs hydraulic system motor: 2HP, 1.5KW
Processing tool outer diameter: 125mm (maximum 175mm, minimum 55mm) cutting oil circulation pump: 1 / 8HP, 30T / HR
Processing tool axis: 25.4mm (can be changed as needed) using voltage: 220V, 380V
Sectional cutting drive system: hydraulic system Hydraulic system sectional cutting tool spacing: 40mm ~ 200mm
Accuracy: + / -0.02mm machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1200mmx750mmx1600mm
Tool speed: 50Z: 1) 2602) 7103) 14204) 2360;
60Z: 1) 3162) 8603) 17204) 2860 Weight: 500KGS.

Threading air pressure range: 0.5 ~ 0.8MP / CM2 Capacity: 20 ~ 50PCS / min Dimensions: 1M * 1.2M * 1.5M